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2009's Hottest Innovation in Paintball Gun Technology: the T68 SplitFire!

2009's Hottest Innovation in Paintball Gun Technology: the T68 SplitFire!

2009's Hottest Innovation in Paintball Gun Technology: the T68 SplitFire!

Paintball is a game of tactics, strategy, and most importantly: teamwork. The best gear in the sport won't win the game for you...but it certainly helps. Every few years new technology is released that changes how the game is played. It changes how teams work together, and how individuals pull their weight. This year RAP4 of Santa Clara, California, has released a revolutionary new paintball gun design that changes team dynamics and individual responsibilities. This new design is praised in the industry as the season's best innovation.

Beginning with the highly successful T68 design, RAP4 engineered a bold new marker that utilizes a dual feed system: magazine or hopper, used individually or simultaneously. This provides two different colors or types of .68 caliber ammunition at the turn of a dial...and opens up entirely new possibilities in role play, mission scripting, and team dynamics.

By using both a hopper and a spring-powered magazine, the T68 SplitFire can carry two types of spherical ammunition at the same time. This allows the operator to select the most effective projectiles for the situation - then change back as needed, at the turn of a dial. This way each player can fill at least two different roles. That makes small units more important than ever in dynamic game flow and evolving strategies, as the same number of players can execute twice the variety of roles.

Scenario players and tactical training personnel alike are impressed with the quick-change feeding system. A selector wheel, located at the chamber, indexes an internal feed port that rotates to accept paintballs from either the hopper or the magazine. That way you can have 200 balls at the ready for intense action, and eighteen shots in the detachable, spring powered magazine, of specialty paint you'll need for your specific mission. Rotate the dial, and suddenly you're a demo player, anti-armor player, sniper, spy...whatever special role, and tactical efficacy, is indicated by your color-coded paint.

No more dumping your hopper; no carrying a second marker...and now you're not limited to the ten balls in the "bazooka." You can lay your own cover fire with unrestricted paint, then get down to work in a heartbeat.

RAP4 is the paintball industry's leading designer of innovative scenario gear, and police and law enforcement training equipment. They have released thousands of products ranging from paint-landmines, paint-grenade launchers, and even tactical gear. RAP4 vests are highly sought after for their form, function, quality and price. With the release of the T68 SplitFire Dual Feed paintball gun, RAP4 is taking paintball sports to whole new levels of fun and excitement for serious players as well as beginners.

To see what 2009's hottest innovation is all about, check out the demonstrations on Paintball Tree and YouTube.

Paintball Tree Link: http://www.paintballtree.com/video/T68_Splitfire_with_Dual_Feed

YouTube Link: