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30 Round DMAGs Now Available

30 Round DMAGs Now Available

RAP4 is proud to announce our largest capacity DMAGs yet: the amazing 30 Round DMAGs, with their twin stacks of 15 rounds each. Powerful springs keep the paint under constant tension for flawless feeding into your DMag-enabled paintball gun no matter the angle at which you hold your gun, or the rate at which you fire—even sustained full auto is no problem for DMags!

Now, you can have higher capacity than ever before…in the handy Dmag 30 Round 5 Pack for a jaw-dropping price: only $58.95. That’s less than the cost of two of the old-fashioned U-channel magazines your opponents may still use…and gives you 150 rounds of total magazine capacity right out of the box.

Each DMag is made in the USA of high quality, light, and extremely strong components. Players marvel at how the polymer is both lightweight and durable, flexing just slightly rather than shattering, and able to withstand extended use and terrifying abuse. When DMags are damaged, they’re very easily repaired with inexpensive parts we make available through in stores and through our website. That way, no matter what part breaks—and no matter the reason for its breakage—you can quickly repair the DMag between games and get right back into the action.

With our DMag 5 Pack, you’ll receive 5 DMags for only $58.95 (plus shipping), which will get you into—and out of—just about any situation on the field. Add them to your existing reserves of DMags, and you’ll be able to drop these surprisingly inexpensive mags in the action and leave ‘em where they lie as you focus on more important things…just like soldiers drop their magazines in combat. Come back after the skirmish, or between games, and pick ‘em up—they can take the abuse! And if one gets damaged beyond logical repair, or goes missing, they’re inexpensive to replace.

Are you ready for the unprecedented firepower of RAP4’s DMags, and the DMag 30 Round 5 Pack?

RAP4—As Real as it Gets!