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468 Amphibious Operations

468 Amphibious Operations

RAP4 builds the industry's toughest, most realistic mil-sim markers...and we're proud to show you how realistic and durable they are with our new series of 468 torture tests. We've sent a 468 into action strapped to the chest of an airborne operator, thrown them from a moving car to be run over repeatedly, and even blasted a 468 with a 12 gauge shotgun. The 468 took all of that abuse, and proved combat-effective every step of the way.

But how would a 468 handle amphibious operations?

We designed the magazine-fed 468 to replicate the look, feel, ergonomics, and operation of a military-issue M4 carbine, and made sure that we built them tough enough to survive the rigors of hostile real-world environments. Sometimes, that includes an amphibious insertion where the M4 - or 468 - is completely submerged...then expected to come up firing.

Our amphibious operators completely submerged their 468s, crossed a span of open water, and emerged in fighting condition with intact rounds bursting from the muzzle of the lead operator's 468. We used plastic-shelled paint impervious to water...and a standard 468. Watch as the marker sprays water from the muzzle brake, and from the chamber, where it can safely vent to protect the round inside as the bolt closes and the compressed air from the onboard HPA tank propels it through the Recon Rifled Barrel.

RAP4 wants our paintball players, military trainers, and law enforcement tactical officers, to train like they're going to fight - with markers that exactly reproduce their duty-issue M4s, and thrive despite the rigors of real-world training for real-world operations. That's why we built the 468 to be tough enough to withstand being shot by a 12 gauge shotgun; being thrown from a moving car, then run over; being buried in sand and dirt, shaken off, and immediately fired. We put the 468 through these insane torture tests so you can confidently train like you're going to fight!

RAP4 - As Real as it Gets!