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468 Land Warfare Operation

468 Land Warfare Operation

RAP4 is proud to supply the devastating 468 to the most combat-effective land warfare players in paintball - the players who accomplish missions behind the lines, under fire, and against the clock. Players like AC Tactical, who recently put the 468 through its paces at Operation: End War...to tremendous effect.

To thrive in mil-sim paintball, players need to employ teamwork, hone their marksmanship, and utilize real military close quarters battle tactics - a level of realism that demands the most authentic gear possible. Our lead designer joined us from the firearms industry specifically to create the most authentic paintball-dedicated gun ever designed, so that players can deploy into their missions with a primary marker so authentic that even the manual of arms is the same.

That marker is the magazine-fed, highly customizable 468. Its balance, natural point of aim, and ergonomics perfectly replicate an M4 carbine. The controls reproduce the M4 carbine. The aesthetics, from the birdcage flash hider (among other muzzle accessories) to the collapsible stock, exactly reproduce the M4. And since it doesn't use a hopper, there is almost no way to tell the difference between your 468 and a duty-issue M4...

...until it starts shooting paintballs at the opposing forces as fast as you can pull the trigger.

Each 468 is built from a receiver milled from solid aircraft-grade aluminum billet, which is then outfitted with a magwell that accepts detachable magazines, and your choice of barrels and collapsible stocks. RAP4's complete line of stocks includes mil-spec collapsible stocks, stocks that conceal onboard air sources, and many more, so that you can equip your 468 to exactly reproduce your duty-issue carbine...or create a mission-adapted 468 that will thrive in your tactical environment.

RAP4's line of tactical handguards includes quad rails, mil-spec hardware, and custom tactical options that you can specify to create a truly unique 468...or exactly reproduce your favorite M4/M16 configuration.

When you need to adapt it from one mission to the next, you can easily swap the entire upper receiver - barrel and everything - for one you customized to suit a different tactical environment. You can make that swap in seconds...just like on a duty-issue M4.

Go from a close quarters battle optimized M4, to a sniping platform. Then change your 468 to a night-ops carbine...each transformation happening in seconds, just like operators make to their carbines.

The 468 makes it happen...and makes it easy to dominate mil-sim paintball, whatever your mission requires.

RAP4 - As Real as it Gets!