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468 Patent Awarded: Blueprint for the Future

468 Patent Awarded: Blueprint for the Future

RAP4 is proud to announce bold new technology for our latest paintball guns: triggers whose feel and function are essentially identical to those found on duty-issue combat rifles. These purely mechanical triggers offer the level of realism that elite trainers demand…and we’re proud to make them standard on our latest guns.

RAP4 is the only company who makes these exclusive triggers, as they are protected by patent US8683990 B2. You can see how the triggers work online here: http://pimg-fpiw.uspto.gov/fdd/90/839/086/0.pdf

These new triggers replicate the pull weight and length of travel of those found on M4-based carbines and M16-based battle rifles. They even replicate the trigger reset, so that the muscle memory in your fingers translates identically between your RAP4 training rifle and your battle rifle.

This is crucial for training professionals in force-on-force drills—the feel of pulling that trigger in training needs to be identical to pulling the trigger in combat to prevent accidents and ensure perfectly timed, life-saving shots.

With these new triggers, that experience is truly as real as it gets.

We are proud of our dedication to details this like. It is that dedication, and our many patented parts and products, which combine to create the most realistic training equipment available anywhere…and the most authentic paintball sports gear around.

You’ll find these triggers in our latest production 468PTR guns and future innovations. If you’re already familiar with an AR-15, M16, or M4, you won’t even notice the trigger on your RAP4 gun…because it’ll be the same thing you’ve spent so much time mastering on the range.

You’ll find that the manual of arms for your battle rifle and your 468 are virtually identical, too, from the charging handle atop the receiver to the way the magazines is inserted, and how the 468PTR naturally points and responds in your hands. With everything else so identical as well, we don’t expect you to notice anything special about the trigger at all…

…which is exactly the point.

The training operators receive with RAP4 guns saves lives. Those same RAP4 guns dominate the playing field as well.

Which leaves just one question: which 468 fits your needs?

RAP4 – As Real as it Gets!

2014-07-03 18:17:56