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468 Shot By Shotgun

468 Shot By Shotgun


RAP4 is proud to make our new 468 as real as it gets...and as tough as nails. To give you the most authentic mil-sim experience possible, we designed the magazine-fed 468 to have the exact look, feel, balance, and ergonomics of an M4 carbine. To create the most reliable marker available, we build the 468 to survive extended real-world use...and extreme torture tests.

Like being shot with a full-power load from a 12 gauge shotgun...then being loaded with paint and fired until the mag runs dry without a single misfire. Without a single chop. And without a hiccup.

When you slide into position under withering fire, wrap your finger on the 468's trigger, and prepare to lean out into the maelstrom, you need absolute confidence that when you pull that trigger your 468 will go bang...and that the ball you send downrange will leave the barrel intact, fly true, and arrive precisely where you need it to go. That means you need the accuracy of the Recon Rifled Barrels that come standard on the 468; you need the reliability of our magazine-feed system, which pushes each paintball into the chamber and holds it there until the bolt closes cleanly; and you need the tough-as-nails reliability that will make that marker work each time, every time, no matter how hard you play.

No matter how badly it gets knocked around.

No matter what your theater of operations dishes out...even if it takes a direct shot from a 12 gauge.

One marker is tough enough to survive this abuse, and enable our military and police customers to train like they're going to fight: the 468. RAP4 is proud to prove its industry-leading toughness by throwing the 468 from a moving car, running it over with an SUV, shooting it with a shotgun, strapping one to an airborne operator and kicking him out of a high-flying plane...all in the name of proving beyond doubt that the 468 is ready for tactical operations that are truly as real as it gets.

RAP4 - As Real as it Gets!