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468 Split Upper/Lower Receiver

468 Split Upper/Lower Receiver

RAP4 is proud to take you to the range to check out the amazing utility inherent in the M4/AR-15 carbine design...and show you just how we've reproduced that to make our 468 the most easily - and authentically - convertible marker on the market. Patrick, the host of Monday Night Paintball, loaded up an AR-15 with two fully accessorized upper receivers, and packed along a 468 with fully outfitted uppers as well.

Can you tell which carbine that is at first glance? Don't feel bad - our engineers spent a lot of time, effort, and money making the 468 you see later in that video, look identical to the AR-15 you see first.

Most impressively, they captured the M4/AR-15's modularity with that quickly-swapped upper receiver. See how easy it is to swap upper receivers on an M4/AR-15, between one designed for CQB and one designed for longer range accuracy? It's just that fast and easy - push the two body retaining pins to the side, lift off and replace the upper receiver, and push the pins back - to swap upper receivers for your 468 between different mission-adapted receivers!

You can do it in the field; in your team's headquarters; at the chrono range; even at your car. There aren't any special tools required, and you don't even have to degas the 468. Just push the pins out...

...and swap upper receivers.

It's easy, and rather ideal, to own at least two upper receivers, so that you can customize them for the two most frequent roles you play. Keep one light and fast for CQB work. Make the other a little longer, wearing optics you never have to remove again - they migrate with the receiver, even retaining their zero - to handle open spaces and longer ranges. Or adapt one to light up the night, and wear the optics you require to excel in the dark. Or modify the other with a RAP4 Phantom Grenade Launcher for when you have to take out armor, bunkers, or play a heavy gunner's role. Or...


The options are endless. The power is yours. The swap...is as easy for you as it is for the armed professionals who trust the M4/AR-15 family of carbines. Be sure to check out that video, so you know what's up with the 468, the most realistic, and adaptable, milsim marker available.

RAP4 - As Real as it Gets!