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501 Paintball Tips and Tactics

501 Paintball Tips and Tactics

Introducing the 501 Paintball Tips and Tactics book from the professional paintball journalist and player Dave "Landshark" Norman. Together they have put more than a decade of experience into this book, explaining exactly how to ambush a squad, get sponsored, win more scenarios, win more tournaments, and much more. Woodsball players will learn how to rig booby traps and become the ultimate scout-sniper, with tips that will help you this weekend. Tourney players will learn how to reverse a bunkering move, win more X-Ball games, and keep the free stuff coming! With over 500 tips intuitively organized and set apart with bold headings, this book is your perfect field companion to playing better and safe. For about the cost of one bag of paint, you will gain ten year's experience.
With 501 PAINTBALL TIPS TRICKS AND TACTICS book you'll learn how to:
  • Get sponsored
  • Disappear in plain sight
  • Make a ghillie suit
  • Eliminate goggle fogging
  • Train your tourney team like a pro
  • Build a paintball cannon
  • Play new games this weekend
  • Take out a tank every time
  • Make your gear safer and more effective
  • Run-and-gun like a pro
  • Reverse a bunkering
  • Bunker someone without getting eliminated
  • Stay safe everywhere