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AG1 Paintballs: All Grades - All Purposes - One Ball

AG1 Paintballs: All Grades - All Purposes - One Ball

AG1 Paintballs
All Grades - All Purposes - One Ball


RAP4 is proud to announce the release of the AG1 Paintball- premium .68 caliber paintballs for peak performance in your marker!

The innovative gelatin formula used in AG1 Paintballs makes them all purpose paintballs. Rather than buying different grades of paint - tournament, recreational, practice - the AG1 Paintballs yield peak performance to work in all markers under every playing condition.

With AG1 Paintballs, you get the benefits of every grade of paint in just one ball - AG1 Paintballs combine all grades of paint into one inclusive grade! You no longer need to buy different grades of paint for different markers, because the AG1 Paintball is designed to provide ideal flight patterns, the longest range, and the tightest accuracy possible in whatever you're shooting.

RAP4's new AG1 Paintball enables stores and fields to better manage their paint inventory by freeing them from needing to stock other grades of paint. When you can supply all grades of paint with just one ball, you need not invest in other inventory that can spoil or never sell. And the greatest benefit for your business is the ability to offer customers the best paintballs at the best price in the industry.

For players, the AG1 takes away the confusion of what type of paintball to buy. The AG1 keeps it simple by creating an inclusive all-in-one paintball. No longer should you stress about choosing the right paintball for your maker. No matter what marker you use, the AG1 Paintball will provide peak performance.

AG1 Paintball, all grades - one ball. This is the best paintball for all markers, and is made with pride in the USA.