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RAP4 and Tacamo want to protect you from gray-market Mag Fed Conversion Kits that are of sub-standard quality, and can potentially break your power tube or other critical components. RAP4 and Tacamo quality control measures ensure that you get safe, reliable, top-end products when purchasing directly from rap4usa.com, RAP4 retail locations, and official RAP4 dealers. But, a recent development suggests there are out-of-spec gray market Tacamo Mag Fed Conversion Kits circulating through peer-to-peer distribution and some shady sources. Here's what's going on, and how to protect yourself from out-of-specification gray market products.

Our quality control engineers recently inspected a batch of Tacamo Mag Fed Conversion Kits that were manufactured offsite. They were not up to our strict quality control standards, with problems including deep gouges, scratches, blemishes in the finish, and dimensions that were out of specification - sometimes, to the point where internal parts can be damaged. This is unacceptable, so we sent them back to be inventoried and destroyed while we sought proper replacement units to fill backorders.

But we've learned that several thousands of those units were not destroyed, and are now surfacing through unlicensed sources, in peer to peer trades, and the like. Here's what you can do to protect yourself from these defective units, as well as other grey market products in general.

The simplest measure is to buy directly from the source: rap4usa.com, RAP4 retail locations, and RAP4-authorized dealers. Look for their "RAP4 Dealer" certification, banners, etc. Products we sell directly, and distribute to our trusted retailers, pass through the kind of strict quality control that weeds out problems like those found in these gray market kits. Also, these retailers and factory showrooms can service your markers, repair them, and assist you in other critical ways.

When buying used RAP4 and Tacamo gear, like from strangers at a field, from eBay.com, or from peer to peer forums, insist on the seller providing you his or her original RAP4 or Tacamo order number - it'll be on the invoice or receipt they received when purchasing the gear. Send us the order number, and we can verify if the conversion kit, marker, or other gear in question came through us, or if its origins are suspicious. We'll be happy to help you authenticate our gear!

When you inspect gear, looking especially carefully at mag-fed conversion kits, look for the aforementioned flaws - deep gouges, scratches, obvious problems with the finish, etc. Also look to see if any serial numbers, model numbers, or manufacturer information was machined off and over-printed - such as a brand name you've not heard of appearing on what is obviously a RAP4 product. That's a clear warning sign!

Play safe this season, and stay safe in purchasing your gear! Keep your wits about you, buy directly from authorized RAP4 and Tacamo sources, and work with us to authenticate gear before you buy it.
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