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Ambassador For End War 5

Ambassador For End War 5

RAP4 wants you to be an ambassador for Operation: End War 5 this October 3rd-5th at Snake Pit Tactical Training in Copperopolis, California. We’ve put together a sweet deal for our ambassadors, too—free entry to OEW5, a $50 gift certificate to the RAP4 website, free schwag, and a free pack of Helix or Hydra magazines (upon release). All you have to do is bring plenty of backup, so that you can handle the special missions and waves of OpFor.

Sound cool? Get preregistered on our event page here:


…then learn more about our OEW5 Ambassador Program here:


…and be sure that your teammates and friends sign up under your unique Ambassador Code. Once you have ten preregistered, prepaid players signed up under your name (that total doesn’t include you), you’re in: you get free entry to OEW5, including air fills all three days. We’ll refund your entry fee at the event, once we check in all ten (or more) of the players preregistered under your Ambassador Code.

You can have as many people as you like sign up under your Ambassador Code—the more, the better for everyone. You can request those closest to you be assigned to your team, and even your squad, so the squad you run with at home and other games can maintain unit cohesion at Operation: End War 5…and destroy the opposition just like you’ve trained to do.

Want to bring along a few opponents? That’s fine. Have them sign up under your Ambassador Code, and have them request to play opposite you. We’ll do our best to accommodate team assignment requests, so that you can see how your squad stacks up against your rivals on the Snake Pit Tactical Training fields.

We want you to bring everyone—that means everyone—to come discover MagFed at Operation: End War 5. If you or a teammate need to rent MagFed gear, that’s fine—we have a comprehensive rental package that includes six magazines, a mag pouch, and either an MKP-II, a T68, or the amazing 468. That keeps it as real as it gets…

…and your free entry helps keep it really affordable, too. You’ll also receive that $50 USD gift card to the RAP4 webstore, a free t-shirt and patches, and once they come out, a free pack of Helix or Hydra magazines. That’s a huge reward for being an OEW5 Ambassador, and we’re glad to make it available.

See the Ambassador Program event page for full details and rules, and we’ll see you at Operation: End War 5.

RAP4—As Real as it Gets!

2014-05-24 23:23:23