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Antonio 468 Shooting Drills with Omar

Antonio 468 Shooting Drills with Omar

RAP4 proudly hosted Antonio, a paintball player at Oklahoma D-Day, in our climate-controlled field headquarters for a tactical run through with the 468 and a state of the art Laser Shot digital training system. Because the 468 can shoot non-marking, reusable training projectiles without any modification, and because it perfectly replicates the controls and ergonomics of the M4, M16, and AR15 family of rifles, it is the favorite carbine of those who train with Laser Shot's interactive system.

Omar Macy handed Antonio a 468 and made sure he knew how to properly use it, then set him up with the Laser Shot training system. Because the 468 was loaded with non-marking, reusable training projectiles, he could shoot directly at the targets displayed onscreen downrange...and the high-tech Laser Shot training computer detected the exact impact point of his projectiles. It then correlated that point to where the targets displayed, and immediately set them in motion: pepper poppers fell down, silhouette targets registered hits, misses went sailing past their targets...

...all in real time.

Watch Antonio get into the rhythm of training with the 468 and Laser Shot system.

Every seven rounds, Antonio dropped the magazine, rotated it to align a fresh stack of paint with the chamber (or grabbed a new mag), and rammed it back home with confidence. Then he pulled back on the charging handle and reengaged the screen, eliminating even more targets. The 468 didn't skip a beat, and the DMags that kept it loaded made sure the paint was fully seated and ready for each shot on target.

The Laser Shot system is in wide use with police and military units around the world, for its remarkable ability to interface with arms that shoot actual projectiles at the screen - like the ultra-realistic 468. This allows operators to train with the incredibly realistic 468 that operates exactly like their duty carbines...while shooting actual projectiles, to provide the most realistic training experience possible.

Training officers, or in our case the 468's lead designer Omar Macy, can program the Laser Shot simulator to run tactical marksmanship drills like Antonio navigated, or realistic force-on-force and use-of-force training scenarios that immerse the shooter in realistic scenarios...that unfold in extremely realistic settings.

This allows military and law enforcement personnel to train in dynamic tactical shooting virtually anywhere, without the constraints of renting a MOUT training site or training range, and without the inherent cost and logistical challenges of shooting live firearm rounds. The Laser Shot trainer can be set up just about anywhere, as we did at OK D-Day, and very soon thereafter be used to run personnel through the training.

Antonio really liked the 468. He enjoyed the Laser Shot trainer, and got into the groove once he got down the mag-change rhythm. Smooth is fast, and Antonio showed us how it's done!

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