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ATPAT - All Terrain Pattern

ATPAT - All Terrain Pattern

USMG is proud to announce a bold new all-terrain pattern designed by a military veteran for combat operators and players who need to keep it as real as it gets. The All Terrain Pattern—ATPAT—was developed by veteran Patrick Pongracz as a hybrid style combining the most effective elements, colors, and styles, of the military’s leading camouflage patterns into one USMG-exclusive pattern. ATPAT is combat-ready for an unprecedented variety of environments, and uses cutting-edge science to make you practically invisible.

ATPAT is based on a digital hexagon, rather than digital squares, which creates a pattern completely free of straight lines formed by adjoining cells. This is crucial, because the human eye is extremely adept at picking out shapes, and it does so by identifying lines and contours.

Your brain associates lines and contours with known shapes, and is very good at using tiny clues—like the straight edge of a barrel, the edge of a leg, or even the straight line where your BDU top overhangs your BDU pants—to identify elements of interest and then discern larger objects from their environment. There is an entire branch of perceptual psychology that the military—and RAP4—uses to understand how we detect hidden things…and to use that knowledge to keep our personnel from being detected!

Years of development have improved upon the original camouflage patterns, most recently with Digicam and its derivatives…

…and now, with ATPAT. The tiny hexagons deny observers any chance to pick up a straight line from the pattern. Overlapping pieces of ATPAT gear—like a pack over an ATPAT BDU top or a mag pouch on an ATPAT vest—seem to seamlessly blend into each other when observed from more than a few feet away.

Then the whole of the wearer blends into the environment with a color scheme that is chosen to reflect the more easily overlooked colors in the background of most tactical environments—which is exactly what you want to blend into when you’re trying not to be seen.

Thus, ATPAT combines a revolutionary design with scientifically chosen and field test proven colors. It took Pongracz and RAP4 more than two years to perfect that blend…and now it’s ready, and available exclusively from RAP4.

You can select ATPAT as your go-to pattern for use in the deep woods, and expect it to work extremely well even as you charge onto urban fields. Blend into southwestern landscapes, disappear in the weeds, and haunt the darkest corners of your opponents’ minds, with the confidence that ATPAT will keep you safe from prying eyes.

Even in plain sight.

ATPAT is now available as a pattern on clothing and select tactical accessories, and is quickly spreading throughout our product line. If you don’t see ATPAT as an option on the gear you want, just call us and ask—we can probably make it happen for you now, or very, very soon.

Get in on the leading edge of concealment technology…and be the best-dressed combatant your opponents will never see.

RAP4—As Real as it Gets!
2014-03-29 15:21:39