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Ayden 468 Shooting Drills with Omar

Ayden 468 Shooting Drills with Omar


RAP4 would like to thank all the players who stopped past our shooting booth at Oklahoma D-Day, where they used the all-new 468 marker to shoot actual projectiles inside our Laser Shot digital combat training system! When the weather got intense outside, players poured into our facility in the world-class vendor's village to experience the unique thrill of shooting a 468 paintball gun...

...inside a military-grade Laser Shot digital training system.

Here's a great video of a very memorable D-Day player showing you how it's done: View video

And here's how that all works...

The 468 is designed to function flawlessly with traditional spherical paintballs, as well as with shaped specialty paint rounds like First Strike rounds. It can also easily, accurately, and reliably shoot special training rounds like reusable and water-filled training rounds, and specialty rounds restricted to military and law enforcement use. When integrated with a Laser Shot digital training system, we load up the 468 with non-marking, reusable training rounds.

Then we brief the player on how to use the marker - which is easy if they've ever used an M4, M16, or AR15 rifle - and immerse them in a tactical training scenario via the Laser Shot system. That system projects a high definition movie onto a screen (or series of screens in more complex setups), which presents either a force-on-force tactical scenario or a marksmanship training scenario. We largely ran players through a competitive shooting scenario, where they used the 468 to shoot at pepper poppers and silhouette targets as the simulator led them through a complex, target-rich shooting course.

The Laser Shot's master computer tracked where their paintballs impacted on the screen, and correlated that instantly with the targets displayed. The pepper poppers fell down; the silhouette targets registered hits; the scenario moved on, presenting more interactive challenges.

Players had to adapt to the different targets, track them across the distant movie screen, and put actual projectiles on-target in real time.

RAP4 proudly works with Laser Shot, the premier innovator of digital firearms simulator systems, to combine our 468s with their training simulators...and at OK D-Day this year, our players got to see firsthand the Laser Shot and 468 setup that police and militaries around the world are using as part of their training!

Whether turning the tides at Oklahoma D-Day, or training officers and soldiers in the skills that will save their lives, we're proud of the 468's dynamic roles...and the way it performs them with industry-leading realism and reliability.

RAP4 - As Real as it Gets!