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Besieged: Battle For the Bay 2016

Besieged: Battle For the Bay 2016

Can you survive the siege? Modern Combat Sports and the Silent Assassin Squad’s Southern California chapter want to find out…and the world-class Giant San Diego Paintball Field is hosting. We’ve got an epic big game planned for our players, with special missions, prizes, and magfed rentals all weekend long. Come meet the MCS staff, and get ready to tackle the SAS’s amazing missions and combat challenges.

But hurry—Besieged: Battle for the Bay is coming up soon.

Join us on January 16th and 17th for the two-day event that will have the west coast talking, as Bear Degidio commands the GTFAM, and we pack the teams with celebrity commanders and recognized players.

Here’s your briefing:

What: Besieged: Battle for the Bay
When: January 16-17
Where: Giant Paintball Park
1800 Wildcat Canyon Road
Lakeside, CA

Giant Paintball is San Diego’s premier destination for paintball and combat gaming, and their urban fields are prime for the magfed mil-sim games you love. With rugged desert-like terrain and challenging bunkers, caches for objectives and high ground for snipers, to succeed at Besieged: Battle for the Bay, you’re going to have to bring your A-game…

…and your friends. It’s teamwork that wins these big games. So gather your team, recruit some friends, and bring along your home field’s toughest players. You’re going to want some backup this weekend, if you want to survive—or execute—this epic siege. It’s fine if they don’t have MCS gear yet, as we’ll have rental packages and plenty of gear for sale. You might even win some, like the custom 468 donated by Modern Combat Sports.

Want to bring your own paint? That’s fine for this game. When you run out, there will be some sweet discounts on field paint to keep you in the game.

Just be sure to pack your Modern Combat Sports gear, as we’re keeping this game authentic. If you need any help getting that MCS gear dialed in, we’ll have master technicians on hand to hook you up.

Are you squared away? Good. Get to the field, ‘cause we have some missions for you'

2016-01-13 19:38:45