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Best in the West using RAP17 and RAP4 LE in SWAT Competition

Best in the West using RAP17 and RAP4 LE in SWAT Competition

RAP4 is proud to announce the latest version of the RAP17 and RAP4 LE are to be used in the up coming Annual Best in the West SWAT Competition. The RAP17 has been taken off the shelf for six months for redesign and improvement and now the first beta version is unveiled for the first time in this prestigious event. The latest version offers a stronger body, highly reliable and ease of use; it will also have a new exterior design. According to RAP4 "The RAP17 is not available for purchase until November of 2005".

From Santa Clara County Sheriff's Office:
Best in the West is the largest invitational S.W.A.T. competition in the Western United States. This event is now in its 15th year. Each year, members of the departments Sheriff's Emergency Response Team design, physically construct, and run an intensive two-day, 7-course competition, pitting S.W.A.T. teams from all over the West against each other, in a multi-jurisdictional learning experience unequalled in this part of the country. With numerous yearly variations and twists, designed to keep any returning teams from becoming complacent, and to keep all teams challenged to the utmost.

RAP17 and RAP4 LE will be used in the "six-person team". Four officers carrying pistol (RAP17) and two carrying rifle (RAP4 LE). The team must go through an obstacle course of vehicles, at the end of which the officers must engage live "bad-guy" targets. The participants then progress through obstacle testing the team reaction time and target-identification abilities under stress. The targets presenting "hostage" situations, it requires the team to physically force entry into a fortified stronghold identify and neutralize numerous threats and rescue a real-weight "hostage" dummy.

The RAP17 is designed to replicate the look, feel, and functionality of a real modern handgun. The RAP17 functions like a real handgun with a strong blowback action. It's powered by a 12g disposable CO2 cylinder located inside the pistol grip that capable of firing more than 50 rounds. A 10 rounds of paintball can be loaded into each magazine and the magazine is inserted into the pistol grip just like a real handgun


The RAP4 LE is designed to replicate the look, feel, and action of the real M4. With features that mimic the M4, such as shell ejection after every shot, magazine fed paintballs, and a collapsible or solid stock which houses a Co2 cylinder.


More about Best in the West:
Members of Sheriff's S.E.R.T. unit begin planning and working on this annual event in February of each year, the vast majority of this effort occurring on their own time. Only the two days of the actual event are considered "work-time", and even those days usually stretch far beyond the normal 8 or 10-hour day these deputies normally work. Sheriff Smith views this team with great pride, not only for their own standard of excellence on S.W.A.T. operations they have performed, but for their dedication and professionalism in managing Best in the West.

Surviving solely on corporate and private donations, and the modest fees charged to vendors of law enforcement oriented products, Best in the West charges NO fees of any kind to the participating teams. In these days of restricted training budgets, but increasing tactical situations, Sheriff Smith believes firmly that any venue which can serve as a training ground, and as a forum for exchange of ideas and tactics, deserves her utmost support. This event not only gives tactical teams a chance to challenge and learn from each other, but also brings together administrative officers from the 30-plus participating teams, which come from as far away as Texas.

Occurring entirely on the grounds of the Sheriff's Range in south San Jose, this year the event will be held on September 22 and 23, 2005.