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Biggest Mag-fed Game At World's Largest Paintball Event

Biggest Mag-fed Game At World's Largest Paintball Event

RAP4 is proud to invite you to the biggest mag-fed game this season, an epic in the making that can only be hosted at one place: the world-class mil-sim fields at Oklahoma D-Day. This June 13th, the Thursday before the renowned Oklahoma D-Day game, we'll occupy the village of Bastogne with a hardy cadre of Allied defenders...then pit the Axis forces and their Panzer tanks against them.

Will you be in the action?

The week leading up to the June 15th Oklahoma D-Day big game is filled with scenario games, tactical clinics, and once in a lifetime deals at probably the industry's largest consumer tradeshow...right next to the camping area that regularly turns into a tent and RV city full of thousands and thousands of paintball players. They come early, they play all week, and as the days draw closer to the big game on Saturday, thousands of players take to the Oklahoma D-Day game fields to play scenarios that test their courage...

...and introduce them to fields that are worthy of being Hollywood movie sets. These weekday scenario games are intense, larger than most other big games in the country, and provide the perfect opportunity to test tactics, maneuvers, and strategies on the actual field that will be in use for the big game.

The Siege of Bastogne finds elements of the 101st Airborne Rangers surrounded and outnumbered by the Axis forces and their Panzer divisions. The Allies control Bastogne - in this case, the Caen Village portion of the D-Day field - and the roads leading through the area. It's a crucial target, the Axis forces want it back�and they plan to use the roads to attack from multiple angles!

Our mag-fed only Siege of Bastogne will feature enough roles and frontline action for all who attend. The rule that makes this game special, though, is the requirement that players use only magazine-fed markers, as we create the most realistic mil-sim game possible�and reflect the limited supplies available to the besieged Allies during the historic battle!

The use of mag-fed markers also creates games where tactics and marksmanship rule the day, rather than the sheer volume of paint. Mag-fed games offer true tests of strategy, communication, and the close quarters battle drills that decide the outcome of real conflicts around the globe. They create games where the action is as real as it gets - from the hyper-realistic look and feel of the markers used (and used against you!), to the realistic round counts of the detachable magazines, to the emphasis on squad-level tactics and individual marksmanship. At the Siege of Bastogne, you'll see how well you really stack up against similarly armed players in this season's most dramatic scenario game.

And you'll do it on one of the world's top paintball fields.

For more information, visit: www.rap4usa.com and www.ddaypark.com

Are you ready for the Siege of Bastogne?