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Brasil LAAD Defense & Security 2015

Brasil LAAD Defense & Security 2015

RAP4 Brasil is proud of our participation in LAAD 2015, the international military and police tradeshow that brought together special forces personnel and representatives of elite military and police tactical units for a four-day tradeshow in Rio de Janeiro. Our role propelled us to the forefront of LAAD 2015, as we took point in presenting the latest in force-on-force training equipment and less-lethal launcher technology. Operators from around Latin America, and beyond, flocked to our display of 468 training arms, 468 PTR carbines, RAM Pistols that replicate common duty handguns, and battle simulation devices.

How did we roll out such a tremendous presence at LAAD 2015? Easy—our RAP4 Brazil team, set up at the RAP4 shop in São Paulo, made it happen. They already reach some of the most influential tactical trainers in the south of Brazil, as well as Modern Combat Sports players, so we tapped them to establish our presence at LAAD 2015…

…and on April 14th, we welcomed the convention’s first delegations of military professionals to the future of force on force training. With nothing else like our one-to-one reproductions of the M4 family of carbines, our .43 caliber reproductions of common duty pistols, and our simulated battlefield devices, they were blown away.

Not literally—because even our claymore mine is safe for force-on-force training, while providing both auditory and kinetic simulations of detonation. When professionals deploy to counter-terrorism and counter-narcotics work throughout South America, they can reasonably expect to encounter booby traps, mines, and heavily armed resistance. Our Modern Combat Sports markers and simulated mines help their training officers create realistic traps to discover and counter, create realistic battlefield threats, and even arm the opposing forces with the most authentic projectile-firing training arms available.

That way they know that when their personnel deploy in harm’s way, they will be empowered with the practical skills, situational awareness, and real world experience that can only safely come from training with RAP4 gear.

When they asked about our less-lethal capabilities, we were proud to show them the RAP4 Less-lethal Munitions, and explain how the Modern Combat Sports training guns transition to less-lethal launchers simply by swapping in a magazine loaded with our .68 caliber capsaicin rounds, window breaching rounds, or dye marking rounds. The ability to seamlessly switch from a battle-issue M4 carbine, to a RAP4 468 less-lethal launcher, while retaining the exact ergonomics, balance, point of aim, controls, and other features, means that tactical personnel throughout South America can train as realistically as it gets…and transition back and forth between RAP4 gear and combat gear without missing a beat.

That’s pretty big news…and took LAAD 2015 by storm.

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