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Counter Strike 2011 Paintball Game

Counter Strike 2011 Paintball Game

RAP4 is proud to celebrate with our players in the success of Operation: SoCal Counterstrike this past Month at Jungle Island Paintball. RAP4 brought in real military and police personnel to meet a large group of paintball players and teach them real combat tactics, squad maneuvers, hand signals, and marksmanship. The result: some of the most intense CQB and special mission action we've seen!

Operation: SoCal Counterstrike began with an orientation and moved quickly into demonstrations of how to sweep rooms and clear buildings, how to handle markers in a truly tactical manner to allow quick movement and instant response, and how to work with small squads towards common - and complex - goals.

After instruction, players were tested with live fire drills and simulations, and evaluated by their instructors. The best were selected for leadership positions in the following scenario game, where all players got ample chances to use the skills they learned from the pros...and adapt their style to the unique RAP4 gear on hand for players to try out.

The T68 series of markers proved popular and highly effective, with their magazine-fed actions getting rid of hoppers; with the magazine instead of the bulk loader, players had a much more open field of view, didn't have that big, ugly target sticking up, and were able to move much more quietly around the field. The twenty round magazine capacity also mimicked real-world magazine capacity, which worked perfectly with the magazine changing drills and fire conservation tactics the instructors presented.

The training, and the scenario that followed, combined this hot gear with modern combat tactics and real-world military and police personnel to create an event that was truly as real as it gets. To check out a highlight reel of game photos - and pick up a few pointers.

Looking for the next mil-sim event from RAP4? We'll see you at Operation: End War III on October 1st-2nd at TAG Paintball in Hollister, California. For more info, visit: www.operationendwar.com

RAP4 - As Real as it Gets!