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Counter Strike Live 2006: The Tournament

Counter Strike Live 2006: The Tournament

You have played the game...you know the mission...now play it live! Real Action Paintball presents: Counter Strike 2006 Live! Realaction.info of Norway will host the ultimate scenario paintball event...indoors!

Teams of 8-10 players will battle it out in 10,000 square feet of amazing urban landscape terrain on four floors. This is as Real As It Gets: the most realistic paintball scenario contest ever! This is the greatest thing to happen in Oslo, Norway, since...well, maybe ever. It's the Counterstrike 2006 Championship - live in the capital city.

For more information visit www.rap4usa.com or www.realaction.info

Check out the video at:

Area photo: http://rap4usa.com/images/counterstrike_2x.jpg