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Custom Gun Configurator

Custom Gun Configurator

RAP4 is proud to announce the RAP4 Custom Marker Configurator, an online resource where you can build, preview, and order the perfect paintball gun for your next mission. This revolutionary resource lets you build a MagFed paintball gun from the receiver up, choosing between the 468 DMAG Complete Upper Receiver and a bolt action version of the 468 receiver, then enabling you to specify exactly which components you need.

Throughout the design process, the Custom Marker Configurator shows you exactly how your paintball gun will look—component by component—so that you know exactly what you’re getting…and can create custom designs with desert tan, green, black, and other color configurations for components with those options.

Like Magpul MOE components, Troy BattleRails, and other features.

Start designing your 468 right now, right here: http://custom.rap4usa.com/configurator/index/4

Most of our catalog has been uploaded to the Custom Marker Configurator as of today, and Patrick and our staff are working diligently to upload even more components and features so that you can upgrade, modify, and tweak your design to fit exactly—exactly—what you need…and see precisely how it’s going to look before you place your order.

To design your gun, start with the receiver. Then add components as you please, selecting from our dozens of handguard options, hundreds of barrel and muzzle brake combinations, and outstanding selection of stocks, foregrips, bipods, sights, and other tools.

Want to make a black-and-tan configuration? When you click on your handguard, sights, or other component of choice, look for a desert tan option—many components have them, and where they’re available to us, we make them available to you. See how your gun looks in the Custom Marker Configurator with desert tan components…then try foliage green, and standard black. Create the look you want. Design your 468 to provide the tools you need.

Then get your new gun by placing an order right there through the Custom Marker Configurator.

We’ll assemble the major components and get your brand new, one-of-a-kind gun shipped off just as soon as our armorers tighten the last bolt.

Meanwhile, you can share the look—and the excitement—of your new 468 on Facebook, and challenge your friends to make their own truly custom design.

The power is yours. The choice is yours. And the components are as real as they get!