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D-DAY 2014: The Siege of Bastogne

D-DAY 2014: The Siege of Bastogne

RAP4 is proud to announce this summer's hottest mag-fed paintball game, to be held the week of the world's largest paintball event: the Siege of Bastogne will play out on the Caen field at the world-famous D-Day Adventure Park during the festival week leading up to Oklahoma D-Day! This highly anticipated game is scheduled for Thursday, June 12th, just two days before Oklahoma D-Day...

...and gives players a chance to hone their tactics on the event's field ahead of the world-class game.

Only magazine-fed markers will be allowed at the Siege of Bastogne, so bring your 468 or T68, your mag-fed pistol, your Tippmann marker with a Tacamo Mag Fed Conversion Kit, or other mag-fed marker. Be sure to bring plenty of spare magazines so that you can stay strong through hours of intense paintball action, and definitely charge the batteries in your communications gear. The Oklahoma D-Day field is well over 600 acres, and though the Siege of Bastogne will occupy one well developed portion - the famous Caen Village field - you'll need to coordinate your maneuvers with teammates if you want a chance at capturing your objectives.

This exciting game pays homage to the historic Siege of Bastogne, the December, 1944 battle that pitted the 101st Airborne against the Panzer Lehr and 2nd Panzer divisions...meaning that Allied players will certainly encounter real paintball tanks as they hold strong against the Axis forces! The storyline follows the 101st Airborne, who hold the captured village of Bastogne and crossroads critical to the Axis counter attack of the Allied invasion. Low on ammunition, and in possession of the crossroads that control all Axis movement through the area, it is imperative that the Allies hold the Bastogne territory...

...but being at the crossroads, they'll be under siege from every angle! This presents a role-reversal for the teams at Oklahoma D-Day, as the Allied players find themselves under siege!

Which side will you play on? That depends, largely, on which side you sign up for at Oklahoma D-Day. While the Allies enjoy the tide of history, at this Siege of Bastogne - and Oklahoma D-Day in general - the campaign is a conflict that, truly, either side can win...and the Axis forces generally have the home field advantage of being dug in for their defense of the field's many objectives.

Can you overcome that advantage? Can you devise a strategy that will route the defenders...or stave off the attackers until time expires and their morale crumbles? You'll have your RAP4 (or other mag-fed) marker, your teammates, your spare mags...and your courage. Is that enough?

Find out at the Siege of Bastogne on Thursday, June 12th, near Wyandotte, OK, during a full week of special scenario games and events leading up to Oklahoma D-Day!

For more information, visit: www.ddaypark.com and www.rap4.com

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2014-04-21 22:54:40