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DMA Butt Stock

DMA Butt Stock

RAP4 is excited to reveal the Designated Marksman Air (DMA) Stock, a thoroughly modern collapsible stock that cleverly conceals an onboard air source for your MagFed marker. To keep up with the latest in military hardware design, we created a stock that blends the very best elements of high-end military rifle stocks with a design that conceals your onboard air source, and is compatible with most modern MagFed markers…including those from: Tacamo, RAP4, MILSIG, Tiberius, HonorCore, and more.

The DMA Stock is a multi-position, collapsible stock that rides on a rail as it slides over your choice of a 5oz or 7oz CO2 tank, or a 13ci or 17ci compressed air tank. You can use them interchangeably, as the DMA Stock works with each of those sizes without modification. The locking lever in its protective, snag-free housing positively engages the rail so you can lock the stock at your preferred length—short and compact for carbine use, fully extended for a solid sniper-length stock, or somewhere in between to fit your body and shooting position.

The curve of the stock’s rear face is designed to fit into your shoulder pocket for the most ergonomic fit possible, because that promotes the best accuracy and the surest grip as you run and gun.

The wide body of the stock encloses your air source, to protect the tank while promoting the exciting look and feel of your military-pattern marker…and this extra surface area provides ample real estate for the proper cheek weld that is crucial for long range accuracy.

Our favorite part of the DMA Stock, though, is its positive lockup when installed: there is virtually no wiggle to it. No extraneous motion. No rattle. This is unheard of for collapsible-style stocks, but our engineers did it. We’re understandably proud of that, and want you to see what it’s all about.

That’s why we’ve put together two packages: the DMA Stock by itself, for those who already own an in-stock-size air tank, and the DMA Stock with a 13ci 3000psi HPA air tank for those who need the tank while you’re at it, and that’s why we offer them in three color schemes—Desert Tan, Black, and Olive Drab. These color options help the DMA Stock blend in perfectly with your existing gear, or help you create a truly custom setup.

There is no better time to get on target with the Designated Marksman Air Stock!

2015-8-16 17:50:50