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DMAG: Breaking The Cost Barrier For Mag-fed Paintball

DMAG: Breaking The Cost Barrier For Mag-fed Paintball

RAP4 is proud to break the cost barrier for mag-fed paintball, so you can embrace the most realistic form of paintball ever created...while saving enough money for paint, entry, and travel! We've made this possible through the invention of our revolutionary DMag paintball magazines, which are so inexpensive - around $5.90 per magazine - that now you can fill your vest, your footlocker, and your trunk with magazines...and still have plenty of money left to play!

Paintball is expensive. DMags are economical, and proudly made here in the USA. The days of spending twenty dollars or more on a magazine are over forever when you upgrade to DMags.

Switching from the old fashioned, unrealistic paint-hog markers to modern magazine-fed paintball guns also helps keep costs down while dramatically increasing the realism and enjoyment of paintball. Abandon the rate-of-fire arms race, walk away from those fields locked-down with laser-like streams of paint, and forget all about suffering a dozen hits simultaneously once you switch to mag-fed paintball.

You'll get away from those gaudy guns, flashy gear, and flat fields, too.

Come back into the woods, where RAP4 has the most realistic gear and the hottest new game format ready for you. Our mag-fed 468, T-68, and mag-fed conversion kits for Tippmann and other leading markers, are the most realistic guns in paintball. Designed to replicate the M4/M16 family of battle rifles, with the ability to morph into reproductions of other top battle rifles, these mag-fed markers look, feel, and handle just like the real things...

...and their magazines hold realistic amounts of paint. That puts the emphasis back on marksmanship, maneuvers, teamwork, and the mental aspect of the game. Just like in real conflicts.

With the realistic round counts in your magazines and the resulting emphasis on tactical fundamentals, you'll also shoot far fewer paintballs in a weekend...which saves your budget to come back again. And you can throw a DMag to a friend without worrying about getting it back - unless investing $5.90 to get out of a jam really bugs you.

If you manage to break part of a DMag, RAP4 is proud to offer unbelievably inexpensive repair parts so you can rebuild or replace your DMag between games...and get right back in the action.

We're proud to break the cost barrier with our revolutionary DMags. We're proud to help you keep costs down with mag-fed paintball in general. And we're excited to design and offer the most realistic, reliable, and celebrated mil-sim paintball guns on the market!

RAP4 - As Real as it Gets!