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DMAG For The Mission

DMAG For The Mission

RAP4 is proud to help you win in ways not previously possible...including a clever way you can utilize your DMags to complete your objectives. We recently rolled the Magfed Mobile out to Decay of Nations at SC Village, where players clamored for a chance to see our new PTR military-training marker, and see the latest accessories for the 468. What really blew them away was the revolutionary price point of the DMag, and what that empowered them to do on the field.

DMags represent a breakthrough in engineering that allows them to be tough, flexible enough to withstand a lot of abuse, simple enough to be easily repaired should you break something...and as important as their utter reliability, they're also extremely inexpensive. With a ten pack retailing for only $58.95 (that's just $5.90 a magazine!), you can pick up a ten pack for less than the cost of two traditional magazines. What's that mean on the field?

When the player next to you runs out of paint, you can toss them one of your DMags. If they don't have any more paint, they can't cover you. They can't charge. They can't defend. With that loaded DMag, though, you keep them in the game as a valuable resource - to you.

Not a bad investment of a six dollar DMag! If you get your mag back, fantastic; if not, no worries...your mission, your game, your effort to get so close to victory, is worth that slight investment right when the action gets hot.

We've engineered our DMags so that you can treat them like pods. They're durable enough to survive being dumped in a pile in your base or dropped on the run, and they're easily enough disassembled that you can just wash the mud out between games. Should something break, our rebuild components are readily available and so inexpensive that you can easily keep multiple spare parts on hand in your toolkit - fix your mags if you manage to break ‘em, or fix your teammates' mags so they can get right back into the game with you.

Quality scenario games can be really expensive, and travel costs mount up. The one cost you won't have to worry about is that associated with your DMags. So let your opponents spend over thirty dollars each on traditional paintball magazines...you can buy six or seven DMags for each one of theirs.

That's a really important difference when the paint starts flying...especially if you need to throw a magazine to a teammate.

We saw players hooking each other up at Decay of Nations, and we saw 468s in the hands of many of that game's top players. It was a blast watching our Tacamo MKP Magfed Conversion Kits chewing through opponents. And it reassured us that RAP4's Lok-Bolt and magfed technology are dialed in when we went the entire weekend shooting extremely brittle tourney-grade paint without any chops in a 468 or Lok-Bolt.

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2013-9-27 18:11:25