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DMAG: Have A Spare

DMAG: Have A Spare

RAP4 knows that you need to have a spare magazine when things go wrong, so we are proud that our streamlined production and thoroughly modern design means that spare DMags are only $5.90 each (when you buy DMags by the 10-pack) - inexpensive enough that you can fill a vest with loaded magazines to keep you in the longest firefights.

DMags empower you to train and play as realistically as possible, as they perfectly replicate the utility and function of duty-issue magazines...while being designed exclusively for the .68 caliber projectiles utilized in mil-sim paintball and military force-on-force training - even First Strike and other shaped .68 caliber rounds!

Duty-issue steel magazines aren't perfect; environmental conditions in combat are often filthy and inhospitable. Sometimes things just go wrong...so soldiers train to clear weapon stoppages with a simple procedure that includes swapping magazines and ditching the one involved during the failure. It's quick, and gets the soldier back into the fight before the opposition can advance or reposition...but you have to have a spare magazine, and be indifferent to what happens to the one you swap out.

You can treat our tough DMags the same way: if your marker stops for any reason, remove the magazine and replace it with a fresh magazine. At only $5.90 each, you can afford to have a lot of spare magazines on your vest...and you won't feel bad dropping that magazine and planning to come back for it later. Swap in a fresh magazine, ensure the bolt is fully cocked, disengage the safety, and you'll be back in action.

DMags also give you a backup option for clearing any magazine-related jams: each DMag is designed with twin, independent stacks of paint. The 20 round magazines have two stacks of 10; the 14 round magazines have two stacks of 7. If one side gets filthy with mud, sand, or sweat, twist the magazine around and use the other stack. Odds are, the paint on that side will be fine, and the magazine will keep functioning.

If you have to drop a DMag, don't worry - it's tough enough to survive on its own underfoot. And if it doesn't? You can rebuild it with very inexpensive parts, or keep it in your gear bag so you can cannibalize its parts to repair other DMags.

Each and every one of our DMags is made with pride in the USA, where we maintain tight control over their creation...ensuring the strongest, lightest, most ingenious, and most reliable magazines possible. If you haven't switched to DMags yet, you can jump right in with the industry-leading 468 or convert your Tippmann (or other leading woodsball marker) to use DMags with a Mag Fed Conversion Kit.

With RAP4's leading markers and our revolutionary DMags, victory is certain.

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