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DMAG - Made Tough

DMAG - Made Tough



RAP4 is proud that our revolutionary DMags are the most authentic way to load your paintball gun...and that their authenticity extends to the revolutionary way you can treat them: like a pod. Like an almost disposable piece of equipment. Like an inexpensive tool for getting yourself out of a sticky situation. But mostly, the same way soldiers treat their M4 magazines under fire: with utter confidence in their function and indifference to the magazine's fate.

After emptying a pod into your hopper, you chuck it. Pods are cheap. They're durable. You can come back for them, and if you lose one, you don't mind too badly. When soldiers swap out an empty magazine, they make minimal effort to retain the empty. But paintball magazines have never been that way: they're expensive, can be finicky if dropped in the dirt, and you definitely take the time to slip empties back into your vest...even if it means staying out of the fight while fiddling with your pouches.

That's the old way to play paintball...and no way to fight a mag-fed battle.

The new way: treat your DMags like pods - drop 'em when they're empty. Throw 'em to teammates. Focus on destroying your opponent, not retaining your DMag, because they're tough as nails and inexpensive to replace if you lose or somehow break one.

A 10-pack of DMags costs only $58.95 right now - $5.90 each. That amazing price point allows you to carry a vest full of mags, and discard them like pods. If one becomes damaged, you can rebuild it with inexpensive spare parts (available directly from RAP4) or use its parts to repair other DMags.

Each DMag is designed to offer two perfectly vertical columns of paint with spring-loaded followers that push the paint into your chamber and hold it there. The vertical column is the most reliable design, and the constant pressure holding the ball in place prevents chopping, dry firing, and other problems. It also makes the DMags perfectly silent - unlike noisy, bulky, unrealistic hoppers.

DMags work in all paintball guns set up to accept DMags, so your DMags will work perfectly in your teammates' DMag guns. The next time you're pinned down and someone runs out of ammo, throw 'em one of your DMags and they can lay cover fire while you advance.

That's how soldiers help each other out under fire, and now, you can do it too without a second thought.

Soldiers don't worry about their empty magazines until after the engagement, either - then they pick 'em up if they're able. They don't lose sleep over a lost or damaged magazine. They freely circulate magazines among team members so everyone stays in the fight.

And with DMags, so can you. DMags empower you to train as you're going to fight...and keep your paintball games truly as real as it gets!

RAP4 - As Real as it Gets!