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DMag Magazine 10 Pack for only $58.95

DMag Magazine 10 Pack for only $58.95

RAP4 is proud to announce two great DMag packages that will fill your vest without emptying your wallet. Players who want an enormous amount of firepower onboard their DMag-equipped paintball guns can choose the DMag 20 Round Magazine 10 Pack for only $58.95 - only $5.89 per magazine! When you want to run a little more streamlined with a slightly shorter magazine, reach for the DMag 14 Round Magazine 10 Pack for the same low price.

We know what conditions are like at Oklahoma D-Day, the Invasion of Normandy, the Michigan Monster Game, and mag fed only games around the world. Our players report in from intense scenarios from the southwestern deserts to the northeastern pinelands, and our engineers play right alongside some of our finest commanders and craftiest snipers. To stay strong, and stay competitive, you need virtually indestructible gear that can survive the rain, bake in the sun, get knocked against trees and rocks and concrete walls...and keep performing flawlessly.

That's why we designed the polymer-body DMags, with their innovative detents and their twin vertical stacks for the most reliable feeding possible. They'll take the abuse...because they were designed to thrive under real world playing conditions.

But if you break one, lose one, or toss one to a stranger in the heat of battle...no worries. With these hot 10 Pack deals, those magazines are only $5.89 each - not expensive enough to worry about when the OpFor is bearing down.

And just try to destroy your DMags. If you somehow succeed, the replacement cost is less than other magazines, and far less than any other force-feed loading device. But should you break part of the magazine, you can completely rebuild each DMag with inexpensive spare parts. Buy just the parts you need, or keep a few parts kits handy so you can fix your team's DMags in the field without having to head to the vendor's village. We make disassembly, cleaning, and even repair, incredibly easy...by design. Because mud gets everywhere. Because sand gets in everything. Because sometimes you play a little too hard.

With DMags, we've got you covered. And with these incredible 10 Pack deals, we've got you well armed for an unbelievable price, too.

RAP4 - As Real as it Gets!