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DMAG Multi-Pack

DMAG Multi-Pack

RAP4 is proud to announce a mission-ready multi-pack of DMAGs we put together to get you into the action straight out of the box. Every mission, and every engagement, is different, with victory favoring the best prepared players. That means having the right equipment for the challenge, and being able to adapt it on the fly as conditions change. We’ve brought that flexibility to you with this six pack of DMags in three different capacities: 14 round for running light and fast, 20 round for patrolling and dynamic assaults, and 30 round for hitting hard with sustained fire.

Our new 30 round DMags are the stars of this six pack, as they each bring twin stacks of 15 rounds to your 468, Tacamo MKV, or other DMag-ready paintball gun. They’re joined by the standard capacity 20 round DMags, the overwhelming favorite in the field right now for their balance of size and firepower, and the mission-adapted 14 round DMags used when players need the most compact and lightest paintball gun possible.

Each of these DMags is ready to accept standard .68 caliber paintballs. If you plan to do extended amounts of shooting with specialty rounds, we have custom upgraded springs for use with them, too!

DMags let you reload more quickly than any other magazine style on the market, as you need only drop the mag, twist it a half turn, and reinstall it to access the second column of perfectly vertical, ready-to-go paint! Specially designed detents keep your paint secure in each stack until inserted into the chamber, when the detents open to let the paint load under constant, reliable spring tension.

When you receive your DMag Multi Pack, you’ll get two each of those sizes, so you can fill your tactical vest on the spot and head straight for the action. Will you run and gun with the short, light 14 round magazines? Head out on patrol with a 20 round magazine inserted? Charge directly at their line with the 30 round mag keeping the paint flying? The choice, and mission adaptability, are truly yours.

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