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DMAG Reviews

DMAG Reviews

RAP4 is proud of what players are saying in their reviews of our new DMags! We scour the internet looking for feedback - good and bad - so we can improve our design and manufacturing, and make sure our gear performs as well as you expect from the leader in woodsball innovation. What we found from real DMag users is pretty inspiring.

Paintball-Junkie at www.alphablackpaintball.com picked up a 10 pack of 14 round DMags, and posted a few pictures and a pretty balanced report. His conclusion after handling his new DMags: "Over all epic win for RAP4!" You can read his complete post here: http://www.alphablackpaintball.com/t806-d-mag-pictures-and-first-impression-review

Forum member Troyfrezze over at www.x7og.net put his through some cold-weather testing in Colorado, and found the DMags to withstand some pretty nasty abuse. "I dropped one about 4 times from a height of about 4 feet," he wrote, "or the bed of my Toyota Tundra onto the sidewalk. No issues. I took one and threw it in the air and let it drop from probably around 15 feet or so. No issues either. I dropped them bottom first, and side first. Still no issues." We put DMags through similar tests to make sure each batch is tough enough for you, but it’s still great to see reports like this coming in that prove the mags are ready for whatever you throw at them...or throw them at. Read his full review, with pictures, here: http://www.x7og.net/product-retailer-reviews/44215-rap4-dmags-reviewed.html

Nathan Karg posted on the RAP4 Facebook page about his MKV going full-auto and emptying a DMag in a heartbeat...without breaking any paint. He wrote, "So this is a test of the dmags I did 2 weeks ago and it kind of happened accidentally. Since I use a a-5 grip on my mkv marker I forgot to tighten the bolts down on the grip to the marker, so when I pulled the trigger it went rapid fire mode crazy full-auto. Of course this happens when the latch doesn't catch on the bolt all the way. The funny thing is, is that once I realized the marker went full auto all 7 rounds were gone and I was trying to stop it lol. Well I pulled the mag out, checked the breach and not one paintball broke or jammed and it had to have shot all 7 in less than a sec. Goes to show how awesome these dmags truly are :)"

Do you have a story about your DMags surviving a fifteen foot drop onto concrete? Keeping up with a runaway full auto? Or just being epic? We’d love to hear. Post your DMag stories on your favorite forums, and be sure to tell us on our Facebook page. You can upload pics there, too, so the world can see your magfed paintball setup!

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