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DMAG X5 Revolution

DMAG X5 Revolution

RAP4 is proud to enable you with the power of 5x: that's 5 times the capacity, 5 times the magazines, and 5 times lower expense, with the awesome new DMags. With our trend-setting 468 coming DMag-ready right from the factory, and Tacamo Magfed Conversion Kits arriving to your door with the DMag magwell, there are more ways to get in on the leading edge of magfed paintball than ever...

...and more ways to unlock the power of 5x.

The magic comes from our revolutionary design, which utilizes high-strength, low-cost polymer components in magazines that are made to our exacting quality standards at our new, state of the art facility in California. That means your DMags are made in the USA, and made right, every single time. Their straightforward design is inexpensive to produce, and inexpensive to own, meaning that we can proudly offer ten-packs of DMags for only $58.95.

You can choose 14-round DMags, with their twin stacks of 7 rounds that accommodate traditional paintballs and shaped specialty projectiles both, or the slightly longer 20-round DMags with their twin stacks of 10 rounds each. With twenty rounds per magazine, you have the same mag capacity as other paintball magazines, and with those rounds contained in two independent, perfectly vertical stacks, you have a design that feeds the fastest and most reliably of any design on the market...and is ready for those FirstStrike and other specialty rounds.

With a 10 pack of either size magazine for only $58.95, that breaks down to $5.90 per magazine - one fifth the cost of most competing paintball magazines.

And at one fifth the cost, you can easily buy five times as many DMags as other magazines. That puts five times as much ammunition on your vest as other designs, for the same investment (or less). You can have five times as many individual magazines, should you lose some or need to throw a few to your teammates.

In mil-sim paintball and tactical training as in combat itself, you don't usually have time to carefully tuck an expensive magazine back into your vest. Who has time for that while you're taking fire and reloading on the run? With our rugged DMags, you can drop the empty magazines and keep running, coming back for them later. They'll be fine.

And if they're not, the magazines are incredibly easy to rebuild with very inexpensive parts...or, consider a lost magazine a very inexpensive investment in getting to safety. You can buy five times as many of them, after all, for the same price your opponents pay for one of their magazines.

So play hard. Shoot five times as much paint to eliminate five times as many opponents, and spend one fifth per DMag of what your opponents pay for one of theirs.

RAP4 - As Real as it Gets!