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END Of 468 Trade In Program

END Of 468 Trade In Program

15 days is all that is left to trade-in your classic RAP4 T68 for the cutting-edge 468®!

Since December 2012, T68 operators have had the option to mail-in their markers to the RAP4 service department to be transformed into the latest in modern combat sports technology. Our techs transplant some of the internal parts from these old markers into a new 468® body, complete with DMAG magazine well. Hundreds of players and military / law enforcement operators have used this trade-in program to get the maximum value from their old markers - but it's all about to end in just 15 days!

If you have a T68 and have been wondering what it's like to run a 468® on the battlefield, this is your final opportunity to evolve your marker. Our account representatives are standing by for your phone call, email, or live chat to get YOUR trade-in started. Call us at 800-727-7347, email us at sales@rap4.com, or visit www.rap4.com and click "Chat with us!" at the top of the page.

Breathe new life into that old marker and join hundreds of other Modern Combat Sports players currently dominating the battlefield with the most realistic marker available - the 468®

2014-9-5 14:01:26