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Evolution In Tactical Gaming

Evolution In Tactical Gaming

RAP4 is proud of the latest evolution in tactical gaming—this isn’t paintball anymore. The military calls it Force-on-Force Maneuvers.

You can find it on military bases and world-class paintball fields, and in development at hundreds of local fields across the continent. The format is simple: Use real military gear, real military tactics, and paintball guns that are as real as it gets in looks, handling, operation, and firepower per magazine.

Players wear real combat gear like load bearing vests and magazine pouches, use throat mics hooked to tactical radio networks, hydrate with military-issue hydration packs, and often wear lightweight reproduction combat helmets. They use military close quarters battle tactics, and test their courage, their marksmanship, and their tactical cunning in game formats that reproduce real-world conflicts…right down to missions that require teamwork, communication, and coordinated tactics.

RAP4 supplies the most authentic training gear available to the US military and tactical units around the world. Most of that gear, like the 468 and Designated Marksman Rifle (DMR), is available to our players, too, so that you can experience force-on-force combat like never before.

With the realistically limited round count in our DMags—which are designed to provide positive feeding and never break paint, despite your rate of fire or the angle you hold your 468—you must use actual tactics and marksmanship to overcome the opposing forces. There is no spray-and-pray; there is no dominance through flashy, expensive, unrealistic tourney guns.

Just authentic force-on-force action that requires real world tactics to survive.

We designed the 468 to reproduce the feel, balance, point of aim, and of course the look, of an M4 battle rifle. But our lead designer, Omar Macy, and his team went far beyond just looks—they created a masterpiece of engineering that field strips like an M4, reloads like an M4, charges and has a fire control switch like an M4…and that even has drop-on-interchangeable upper receivers that let you instantly mission-adapt your 468 to changing missions.

Just like an M4 battle rifle.

That level of authenticity makes the 468 truly as real as it gets, and explains much of its success with military and law enforcement. Their training on the 468 translates directly to their training on the M4, and they use the 468 in force-on-force exercises that teach combat discipline and tactical maneuvering…

…just like our players experience at games from coast to coast.

The most realistic guns. The most realistic fields. The most realistic gear. The most realistic training, missions, and games. Get it?

RAP4—As Real as it Gets!

2014-07-18 16:01:41