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Firestorm Magazine Hopper Adapter

Firestorm Magazine Hopper Adapter

RAP4 is proud to announce a clever device that gets virtually any hopper-fed paintball gun ready to go for magfed action: the Firestorm Magazine Hopper Adapter. With this light, inexpensive adapter, you can feed your speedball gun, woodsball gun, backup gun—virtually any gun that takes hoppers—with detachable Firestorm Magazines. These mags come in ten and twenty round capacities, quickly attach or detach, and you can carry enough spare mags easily that you can play all day. The adapter installs and removes in seconds, and doesn’t require any changes to your paintball gun!

So what’s the easiest, least-expensive way to try magfed paintball? Probably by slipping the Firestorm Magazine Hopper Adapter onto the hopper-fed paintball gun you already own. Slide a Firestorm Magazine onto the adapter, and you’re good to go—by meeting the “exclusively magazine-fed ammunition” rule, you’re good to go for all magfed events…including Operation: End War!

The Firestorm Magazine Hopper Adapter is cleverly simple: it interfaces with your hopper’s feedneck by slipping overtop it. The adapter accepts Firestorm Magazines, which are spring-fed, tube-style, interchangeable magazines that securely hold ten or twenty paintballs (depending on length). The spring tension ensures proper, instantaneous feeding no matter what angle you hold your marker, and no matter how fast you shoot—they can keep up with slick electronic speedball guns just fine. There is no need to rock-n-cock like with many pump guns…

…and the spring tension keeps your paint from rattling around or becoming damaged. We calibrate the Firestorm Magazine springs to hold paint securely, without damaging or deforming paint, and we engineered a spring slide button to help you conveniently reload the mags from tubes or by hand.

Players are amazed at how easy these are to use with whatever hopper-fed gun they have in their bag. With the adapter installed, they are ready to jump into MagFed Only Games to discover the truly tactical game play that MFOG players love.

We want to make it easy for you to try magfed paintball, and to use the Firestorm Magazine Hopper Adapter to upgrade your existing hopper-fed paintball gun for magfed action. That’s why we’ve bundled the adapter with a ten round magazine, knocked $4.95 off of the price, and are proud to offer you the Firestorm Magazine Starter Kit for only $34.95. The adapter and mags are available individually, as well.

Get the Firestorm Magazine Hopper Adapter. Get your hopper-fed paintball gun. Put ‘em together…and get on the field for some magfed games!

RAP4 – As Real as it Gets!

2015-7-22 15:48:02