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Force-On-Force Instructor Certification

Force-On-Force Instructor Certification

RAP4 and Awareness Protective Consultants are proud to announce the One Year Anniversary of the RAP AIR training program. RAP AIR courses have trained over 40 departments and agencies throughout the U.S.A., including elements within the US Navy and the Department of Defense Police. More than 400 participants have received critical force-on-force training.

RAP AIR courses have been taught to highway patrol and police officers, sheriffs, CERT teams, SWAT teams, corrections officers, ESU teams, and various military units. Our training combines the drills they know with true-to-life mockups of their duty weapons that shoot non-lethal projectiles, enabling their training to incorporate live-fire force-on-force exercises. Shooting targets is fun - but engaging armed, intelligent, thinking adversaries is what you need to do in serious training. RAP4 makes that possible - Awareness Protective Consultants makes it happen.

To celebrate our anniversary, we are offering a special RAP AIR Instructor Course, which will take place December 4-6, at the Picatinny Arsenal in Picatinny, New Jersey, as hosted by the Long Hill Township Police Department.

This course will provide thorough force-on-force training and scenario staging instruction to law enforcement, corrections, military, and Advanced Security Specialists personnel with proper security clearance. This course is designed to give future trainers the proper methods of establishing an advanced use-of-force training program for their agency.

For more information contact Awareness Protective Consultants LLC at 732-878-0701 or email Training@awarenessprotectiveconsultants.net

DATE: December 4-6, 2006

TIME: 8:30 am - 5:00pm

INSTRUCTORS: Awareness Protective Consultants LLC Training Unit

HOSTING AGENCY: Long Hill Township Police Department, New Jersey

LOCATION: Picatinny Arsenal, Picatinny New Jersey

COURSE: RAP AIR Force-On-Force Instructor Certification Program