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FREE Mag Fed Packages

FREE Mag Fed Packages

RAP4 is proud to announce three amazing ready-to-play magfed packages! We know how the main barrier to getting into magfed play was the prohibitive cost of magazines...so we created our amazingly inexpensive DMags to both increase the quality of magfed gear and reduce the price of buying a full load of mags. Now, we've put 10 DMag magazines and a Strikeforce tactical vest to haul them, into each of our exciting new packages.

Our Tacamo MKP-II DMag Magazine Fed Conversion Kit is the bridge you need to get into magfed paintball. Order it configured for the Tippmann marker you already have, and you'll be able to use your Tippmann's internals along with the barrel, stock, and other accessories you already own. The kit comes ready to install...and for a limited time, now comes with the Ready-to-Play Package that includes ten brand new, Made in USA DMags and a Strikeforce tactical vest!

Some players wisely want a standalone magfed marker so they can get into magfed games without switching any parts around. This way, their existing marker becomes their backup...as they charge boldly into the brave new world of magfed paintball with a marker that is truly as real as it gets.

For these players, we offer the Tippmann Phenom Magfed Paintball Gun that comes already outfitted with the Tacamo MKP-II Magfed Conversion Kit. With the reliable internal workings of a Tippmann Phenom, inside the exciting magfed body of the Tacamo MK-II Magfed Conversion Kit, you have the best of both worlds...right out of the box. Also in that box, for a limited time, is the rest of the Ready-to-Play Package: ten free DMag magazines, and a Strikeforce tactical vest!

Players who need to get truly tactical right from the start should seriously consider the Tippmann Phenom Magfed Paintball Gun with DMags and Carbine Stock, which utilizes Tippmann Phenom internals inside the MKP-II magfed body...and comes with a multi-position collapsible stock. You can increase your accuracy when you brace your magfed gun against your shoulder; you can track moving targets much more effectively, too, and nothing is more realistic than this military-style collapsible stock on your new magfed paintball gun. Its multi-position collapsing design lets you select the perfect length whether playing in a thin shirt or thick coat, with a tactical vest or without. That's why real operators use this style stock in combat right now...and why we include it, along with the full Ready-to-Play Package (of 10 DMags and a Strikeforce vest), with this exciting marker.

Whatever you need...however you play...you'll be ready for action with the 10 DMag magazines and Strikeforce vest in these Ready-to-Play Packages. But hurry, because this offer is for a limited time only.

RAP4 - As Real as it Gets!


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