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Future of Paintball Gun Technology

Future of Paintball Gun Technology

RAP4 is proud to bring you the future of paintball—from our engineers straight to your gear bag, we have the innovations that drive Magfed paintball and force-on-force tactical training. That includes recognizing the potential for all Magfed paintball guns to fail, and engineering solutions to keep that from happening…to keep you in the game! We even reach out to players who embrace alternative Magfed technology, with components that help them integrate their existing gear with RAP4’s leading products.

Like the MKP-II ZetaMag Magwell, a quickly installed magazine well for your MKP-II that allows the use of ZetaMags. With a design similar in concept to our industry-leading DMags, the ZetaMags are popular with players who use them interchangeably in their sidearms and other markers…and with the MKP-II ZetaMag Magwell, they can use those same magazines with their MKP-II primary gun!

We even have an extended paddle-style magazine release engineered so that you can drop the magazine with your trigger finger without breaking your grip. It provides the fastest one-handed mag release you can ask for, so you can easily beat your opponents to the reload.

Knowing that a paintball gun is only as reliable as its magazine, we engineered the ultimate anti-chop device: the RAP4 Lok-Bolt. Production of our Lok-Bolt recently had to be ramped up to keep pace with demand. If you don’t have a Lok-Bolt on your RAP4 gun yet…you’re missing out on one of the most useful upgrades in paintball.

The Lok-Bolt prevents your bolt from closing on a partially seated paintball or empty chamber, meaning that it completely eliminates all bolt-related chopping in your chamber…no matter how fast your rate of fire, or what angle you hold your gun the moment you shoot. When used with the RAP4 Box Magazine, the 250 round force-feed bulk loader designed to look like the belted ammunition housing on an M249 Squad Automatic Weapon, the Lok-Bolt enables you to empty all 250 rounds in full-auto without chopping.

Different magazines utilize different spring power, and with magwells that allow the use of DMags, T68 mags, ZetaMags, etc, we needed to create a device for your gun that will ensure chop-free reliability…even in full auto, and no matter what magazine you use. That solution is the Lok-Bolt.

Its all-mechanical function is simplicity itself, requiring no “eyes” or lasers or other electronics…meaning that the Lok-Bolt works every single time, regardless of weather or humidity, and there are no batteries to replace. Ever.

We have even more innovations in our research and development lab right now…and can’t wait to bring you the news as each cutting-edge product becomes available.

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2014-03-07 13:41:09