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Gear Duster

Gear Duster

RAP4 is proud to announce a fantastic product that turns your CO2 tank or HPA tank into a dynamic cleaning tool: the RAP4 Gear Duster. With this surprisingly versatile tool, you gain a touchless method of cleaning goggle lenses, the inside of your receiver, your workbench, the objectives on optics…any surface that you don’t want to touch with your bare fingers or rough towels, anywhere you simply can’t fit a tool, or any surface you want to clean off quickly.

The Gear Duster is a simple attachment for any refillable CO2 tank or HPA tank. It threads onto the tank, and offers a simple lever-style trigger that opens the valve to release a steady blast of compressed gas via the Gear Duster’s nozzle. Pull the trigger, and you can direct the high speed jet of air to clean paint out of the grooves in your RIS railing, blast mud out of your receiver, even blast the ports on your barrel clean.

We use the Gear Duster extensively around our workbenches, to blast metal filings and dust away without the hassle or streaks left by brushes…and without using towels or wipes (which can be impossible to keep clean when working on an outdoor table at a field). The Gear Duster gets sand out of our DMags, sawdust out of our power tools, and marking powder (from training rounds) off of our MOLLE gear where water would just make a mess.

What would you use the Gear Duster for? Would you clean out your computer tower with it? Clean dust off of your camera’s lens? Blast dust off your bookshelves and window ledges? Clean out underneath your refrigerator? Clean the inside of your Magfed Conversion Kit without water or chemicals (or even paper towels)?

The Gear Duster is a truly universal tool that can make cleaning your paintball gear extremely easy, and serve you very well around your workshop, office, and home. So fill your tank before you head home, and keep a RAP4 Gear Duster near it so you can clean just about anything, any time, with the paintball air tank you already own.

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2014-02-11 00:00:00