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Generation 2 AG1 Regulator!

Generation 2 AG1 Regulator!

RAP4 is proud to introduce the Generation 2 AG1 Air Regulator. This new design incorporates a knob that easily adjusts output pressure. The Generation 2 AG1 Air Regulator is extremely versatile and adaptable to any paintball marker, and smaller, lighter and more compact than the previous version. Improved components produce a steady stream of constant air pressure as low as 50 psi. Light and compact enough to fit in your hand, it is a high performance regulator system and the ultimate performance upgrade for all paintball markers-the first step toward enhancing reliability and accuracy.

The Generation 2 AG1 Air Regulator has improved airflow for steady, reliable output pressures, and is smaller and lighter than previous and comparable models.

Ease of use:
The pressure adjustment knob easily compensates for temperature changes and changing between different air tanks--consistent, safe input pressures for your marker are critical to maintaining consistent muzzle velocity and protecting your marker from damage!

The Generation 2 AG1 Air Regulators can be configured to work with all paintball markers, whether you run a tank onboard or use a remote line. The AG1 Air Regulator will improve the function of whatever marker you use!

These regulators work well as a critical component of the Thunder Grenade Charger unit, so the Generation 2 AG1 Air Regulator you use on your marker can pull double duty in the field!

This Thunder Grenade Charger connects directly the to air tank without the regular. You will get 100% co2 pressure for maximum power. It is recommended to use this Thunder Grenade Charger with the a regular to adjust pressure

Why do you need an air regulator?
Regulators control the air going into your marker, from your tank, and steady that pressure. The regulator on your tank has to meter, say, 4,500psi down to 150psi--a huge difference in pressure! These regulators take the fluctuating output from your tank--after going through that huge change in pressure--and finesse it into a steady supply that results in more consistent function and accuracy.