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Go Green with RAP4's Soy-Based Paint!

Go Green with RAP4's Soy-Based Paint!

RAP4 is proud to lead the industry towards "going green," by introducing the all-new RAP4 Field Paint with natural, biodegradable soybean oil.

Our sport generates a lot of trash, leaves behind gallons of marking fill on fields and backyards, and involves significant fuel consumption for transportation of goods to market and players to fields...but there is plenty that you can do
to cut down our environmental impact without sacrificing any time playing! Insist on shooting paint that is easily biodegradable, so that those splotches truly do wash away after only one rain, and so the chemicals in the fill and shell
can be absorbed into, and used by, your field's ecosystem.

Soybean oil is a top choice to meet these demands, while its nearly infinite utility allows RAP4's engineers to use soybean oil to build fantastic paint - balls that are round, uniform in size and weight, and maintain their smooth skin and
even mass distribution during shipping and storage. That means RAP4's Field Paint has superior in-game performance, as well as being an industry leader in low environmental impact!

Perhaps best of all is the price: at $39.95 msrp, this is one way you can go green without even trying - the savings over regular paintballs is reason enough to switch!

Environmentally conscious players can do even more to help make paintball more eco-friendly, by inviting friends to ride along to the field - carpooling can save several pounds of CO2 emissions that otherwise would be generated by your
friends taking separate vehicles...and spending time with our friends is part of what makes paintball so much fun. You can switch to shooting compressed air as well, rather than putting several pounds of CO2 into the environment to power
your marker; RAP4 has a wide range of compressed air tanks, including those that hide out of sight in collapsible stocks!

RAP4 offers the impressive new RAP4 Field Paint directly through the mail, but you can maximize that environmental benefit by asking your field to stock it - shipping a skid of paint with dozens of cases going to the same place requires
far less fuel consumption than per-case shipping, and ensures that your field has ecologically friendly paint for everyone...at that unbeatable $29.95msrp!

When you're serious about our sport...when you're serious about decreasing your environmental impact...when you're serious about value for your money...

...you need RAP4, and the all-new RAP4 Field Paint.

RAP4 - As Real as it Gets!