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Hurricane Disassembly

Hurricane Disassembly

So last week we covered the "overview" of the MCS Hurricane. This week I wanted to take you through the breakdown for standard cleaning. Now I mentioned in the video below that this marker is a "tool less" disassembly. While it technically is, after use and crud and grime getting on the screws, occasionally they will get stuck. So I do use a screw driver, old allen key and a hammer (rubber mallet is suggested).

So here we have the MCS Hurricane ready to be disassembled after a day of play. Its clean because I never get hit ;P Anyway, the key is to make sure you have a well lit space in which to work. A tech mat helps as it protects your work space and keeps all the little bits from rolling around


Now there are two small pushpins that are located at the rear of the marker. One through the pistol grip and one through the upper receiver. You will want to remove both of those. This marker is designed to be taken down without tools, but sometimes those pins get stuck and you will need a rubber mallet and a punch to take them out. Take your time and be careful not to damage the pins if you need to do this. With the pins detached, slide out your end cap or flex air kit.

With those pins and your end cap removed, take out the pins at the front of the pistol grip and the mag well. At this point, rotate the mag well down from the grip side of the marker and remove the mag well by sliding it off the post at the front of the receiver. Then remove the pistol grip by pulling straight down. We're just about to the core at this point.

Next you will find two small retaining pins on either side of the marker. Remove those and inspect the o-rings to make sure they are still good.

After those two pins are out, simply slide the core out of the back of the marker. From here everything on the core is inline so its really simple to wipe down.


After the core is removed, separate it into its constituent parts. The brass "L" with o-rings on it is for the Flex Air kit. You may or may not have this piece depending on your marker set up. This is t

This is really all you need for "Standard" maintenance, but the next several photos are for the Lok-Bolt. Not everyone has one, but if you want your Hurricane to work optimally, you really should pick one up. That being said, first remove your barrel and then the two remaining pins in the marker. Then remove your shroud. Remember, Barrel FIRST, then shroud. It will save you from potentially damaging the finish on your barrel. Heed this warning. Its from Experience.

So, the Lok Bolt. First turn the gun over and locate the small notch on the pin holding the Lok Bolt in. Insert a screw driver and slide the pin forward. Once its forward of the receiver, grip it with a pair of pliers and pull it forward and out of the marker. BE CAREFUL that you don't break this pin. Again, take your time.

Once the pin is out, reach inside the chapter and push out the Lok Bolt. To clean it, i simply put it in some water (a bowl. Not running water. You can dislodge the spring) and use a q-tip to get all the gunk and dirt out. Once it moves freely again, its good to go.

I'd like to take a second and talk about a mod I did which really helps with the Lok Bolt;s function. I sanded (very lightly) down the piece of the pin that inserts into the Lok Bolt itself. If you find that the Lok Bolt does not move freely in the chamber, this quick mod will get it working right.

Now here we are completely broken down. There should be no need to go any further as all there is to do is separate the clam shells. Now if for some reason your gun is EXCESSIVELY nasty, then go ahead and unscrew the screws holding the body together and separate them. This should be exceedingly rare.

So after we have wiped down everything, re-lube your marker before assembly. You can use standard paintball oil but i HIGHLY recommend Tech-T Gun Salve. Its made for high end tournament guns, but works GREAT on the Hurricane. The benefit is that it keeps the operation of your marker smooth, but adheres to the metal and doesn't dry out as fast as oil. Honestly, you can take your gun in a lake and this stuff will still run the internals. Not recommended, but I've seen it happen with one of the markers I've loaned out and it simply works! When lubing parts, lube the bolt, power tube and o-rings on the flex air.

Lube the bolt, brings on the flex air and the power tube

And that's it! Reassemble the gun in the reverse order you took it apart, starting with the Lok Bolt (if you have one.) Please note, and this is IMPORTANT, when you reinstall the Lok Bolt, put it in "Notch Side" first. It is the ONLY way that you will have access to that notch the next time you need to clean it.

So I hope that this tutorial was educational and helps you keep your marker at the peak of its performance. For a video of the steps broken down in this tutorial, click HERE and follow along on how it is done.

 Take care until next time and I hope to see you out on the field!