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Infiltrate, Destroy, and Win - With RAP4's T68 Infiltrator!

Infiltrate, Destroy, and Win - With RAP4's T68 Infiltrator!

RAP4 is proud to introduce the T68 Infiltrator, the very essence of sophistication for the modern woodsballer. RAP4 built this special marker from the ground up with the most refined technology and latest accessories to give you a select-fire marker with the accuracy you demand, the ergonomics you want, the flexibility of the SplitFire feeding system, and a look that is all business...

...right out of the box.

RAP4 began with the proven, award-winning T68 Gen6 SplitFire action. This durable, all metal action is milled from a solid bar of

aluminum, and then filled with the finest seals and springs for shot-to-shot consistency...which means the best accuracy potential the action can give. Then it was crowned with the SplitFire feed mechanism, an indexible collar with positive locking that allows you to select your source of paint: the detachable, 18 round magazine riding in the removable magazine well, or a hopper connected via a standard, starboard-side feed neck.

When you need to run as light as possible, use the magazine and count your shots; carry reloads in your RAP4 Tactical Vest, so you're ready to top off when you duck behind cover. For extended firefights, twist the SplitFire's collar - you don't have to remove the magazine if there's no time, and there's no need to keep it there when not in use - and draw paint from your 200 round hopper.

The T68 Infiltrator Kit is then attached to that solid foundation. The barrel is a tactical-length 8" RAP4 Recon Barrel, which is rifled, and nestles inside the MK23 II silencer. On the accessory rail atop the marker sits the Blade Holographic Sight, an electronic dot sight that lets you - and only you - see just where that first ball will go. Down below is the electronic grip frame that gives you multiple fire modes, including a true semi-auto mode that is legal at every field. Select the firepower you need with the thumb-selector switch, and charge into the action.

Mounted just in front of the trigger guard, the T68 Infiltrator has a removable magazine well that accepts 18 round, interchangeable magazines. The spring powered magazines feed paint up through the underside of the marker, and under that spring power, provide positive feeding regardless of how you hold the marker - on either side, straight up or down, or even upside down. When you really need to run light, the whole assembly removes in a matter of moments, and the SplitFire mechanism lets you index paint from a standard hopper.

The Tacamo SOCOM Buttstock finishes off the marker, and provides a gas-thru connection with a male disconnect for a remote line. Just like the real thing, the Tacamo SOCOM Buttstock provides a positive mount, minimal additional length and weight, and has a foam cover for a positive cheek weld.

When you're ready to take your game to the next level, start fresh with the T68 Infiltrator, the SOCOM-style marker that's completely ready to rock...right out of the box.

RAP4 - As Real as it Gets!