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International Defence Exhibition IDEX UAE Abu Dhabi

RAP4 proudly presented the 468 at this year's International Defense Exhibition (IDEX) in Abu Dhabi...where we join forces with Laser Shot to demonstrate the 468's amazing training applications!

IDEX brings together the top defense companies, military commanders, and government representatives for a five day trade show packed full of the absolute latest in land, sea, and air warfare technology. From the next generation of infantry rifles to state of the art missile interception systems, IDEX is the premier stage for introducing cutting edge equipment for the world's militaries. It was the perfect place to demonstrate Laser Shot's dynamic integration of the 468 with their digital combat simulator.

Lead RAP4 designer Omar Macy takes you through the integration of a real 468 and a simulated combat scenario, on the scene at IDEX 2013.

The 468 and Laser Shot garnered a lot of attention from commanders looking for safer, more cost-effective ways of training their personnel. They were quite impressed with the way Laser Shot's interactive digital training system projects tactical scenarios on one or multiple screens. Personnel then interact with the simulation, and their commands and behaviors have a direct impact on outcomes...as controlled by complicated software and directed by their training officer.

When it comes time to use force to solve a tactical situation, the personnel training with the Laser Shot system engage the screen directly...with a 468 shooting rubber training rounds. By firing an actual carbine shooting actual projectiles, they achieve a level of realism not afforded by any other simulator. The Laser Shot system has a special camera designed to record the impact points of each round...

...so the simulated enemy targets react when they're hit. And they react right where they're hit, too - in the leg, in the torso, or wherever else the personnel put that rubber training round. The difference between surviving the scenario and perishing comes down to proper tactics and excellent marksmanship delivered in a split second. That training does not involve live ammunition, meaning the simulator can be set up virtually anywhere - including security checkpoints and inside secure facilities so that with the 468 and Laser Shot personnel can train like they're going to fight...right where they might have to fight!

The magazine-fed, compressed air powered 468 is already in use with many military units and law enforcement trainers for force-on-force training, and now, can be utilized in conjunction with Laser Shot's tactical simulators. See what the industry is talking about when you check out Omar's video!

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