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Land Warrior II Extreme Lifestyle

Land Warrior II Extreme Lifestyle

RAP4 is proud to announce a new tool for reliving those heart-stopping moments that define your action sports lifestyle: the Land Warrior II digital video recorder. Designed specifically to withstand abuse in the wildest backcountry, on
the harshest roads, and even in freefall, this tough video recorder is ready to make you a star.

It's hard to describe the rush of branches past your helmet as you bike down from a ridge, or the view from atop an elevated course in the canopy. Still photos don't do justice to the feeling of hanging by your fingers and toes from a
slab of granite high above the pines, or slicing through fresh powder on your way down the mountain. It's hard to explain why we do this...sometimes we just have to show it.

The Land Warrior II captures those moments in high resolution video, at 720x480 resolution, along with clear and vibrant audio. With video capture at thirty frames per second, every detail is carefully preserved and played back as a
smooth, seamless mpeg4 movie. Stop the video and scroll frame by frame to watch the light shift through the canopy, or show your friends what a hold looks like when you're staring sideways across a rock face.

Whatever your sport, the Land Warrior II is ready to attach itself to your life for hands-free operation, up to three hours per recharge (batteries and charger are included)...and up to 16gb per interchangeable SD card. You can film
handheld, of course, and each Land Warrior II ships with multiple mounting options: for interfacing with bicycle, motorcycle, or ATV handlebars; for use with your climbing, skydiving, or skiing helmet via the included strap; for mounting
to any RIS accessory rails for hunting, paintball, or airsoft.

Play back the action while you're still afield, and watch your videos on the 1.5" TFT screen. Listen to the audio through the built-in speaker. Make sure you got the shot you wanted...or show your friends what just happened, from your
unique perspective. When you get home, use the included A/V out cable to plug the Land Warrior II directly into your TV, or the USB cable to download onto your computer. Then edit, watch, and post videos to show the world why you do what
you do.

Spread the love, and a lot of good stories, with RAP4's new Land Warrior II digital video recorder. RAP4 - As Real as it Gets!