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Land Warrior II Military Operators

Land Warrior II Military Operators

RAP4 is proud to introduce a powerful new tool for the modern warrior: the Land Warrior II digital video recorder. When you need to capture valuable field intelligence with little or no training, record interactions with the indigenous
population or prove that your personnel follow protocol, you need the Land Warrior II.

Designed around a one-third-inch CCD sensor that creates 720x480 resolution VGA video, the Land Warrior II is a compact camera that makes a big movie. It records up to three hours continuously, and its rechargeable batteries (included)
swap out easily to keep recording all day - or night - long. Files record to an interchangeable SD card, up to 16gb in size, so you can complete a full patrol without needing to carry spares of anything.

The Land Warrior II is weather-resistant, shock-resistant, and light, and can withstand service rifle recoil impulses. The mounts included allow you to attach the Land Warrior II to the RIS rails on your duty firearm, to the barrel of a
firearm without RIS rails, to the handlebars of an ATV, motorcycle, dune buggy, or other vehicle with a 1" round tube accessible, or even attach to your helmet via the included strap. From handheld to weapon and vehicle mounted, there's
an intuitive, unobtrusive mounting solution for every mission.

Use the Land Warrior II when assessing damage to vehicles and other equipment, and to send the video file to the rear when requesting parts and service. Use it to record a battlefield or explosion site after the action has ceased, to
assess effectiveness or enemy damage. Use the Land Warrior II to prove regulations are followed with the arrest and transport of detainees, or to record their statements for later translation. The Land Warrior II captures the information
you need to impart, the conversations you need to refer back to, the words you need to translate, the scene you need to survey, and the confusion of the encounter you had to survive.

The Land Warrior II makes those records; it backs you up. And it's tough enough to come back from the mission.