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Landmine At Ultimate Paintball Wars Scenario Event

Landmine At Ultimate Paintball Wars Scenario Event

RAP4 is proud to make the action at Ultimate Paintball Wars games truly as real as it gets this season. In addition to vending the industry's top mil-sim gear and supporting our players, RAP4 will provide each event with a complement of RAP4 Pressure Activated Landmines! We'll arm these blast-simulation paintball landmines and deploy them strategically around the field. Set one off, and you're eliminated.

But if you find one, safely remove it from its position and convey it undetonated back to the RAP4 booth, you'll receive a special prize on the spot.

These RAP4 Pressure Activated Landmines hold ten grams of CO2 in an onboard reservoir, and can be charged from CO2 tanks, 12grams, or other air sources via a special adapter. When sufficient pressure is applied to the full-size pressure plate atop the mine, the reservoir is opened with a mighty bang and the gas is jettisoned across the "blast plate," which can be covered in smoke simulation powder or liquid paint! The bang and accompanying "smoke" or paint combine to give inarguable proof that a player has been eliminated by a mine...

...and to create the most realistic battle-simulation possible!

RAP4 Pressure Activated Landmines are currently in use with military training units, where they are used just like RAP4 will use them this season at the Ultimate Paintball Wars: to add a realistic challenge to the field, and safely recreate the hazards and challenges of dealing with mined positions. Real operators learn how to strategically deploy these mines, detect mines, and move tactically through mined terrain...and this same tactical utility is available to make your paintball games as real as it gets!

RAP4 looks forward to demoing these mines for you at the Ultimate Paintball Wars "Hurt Locker" game this April 13-15, at the "Tropical Thunder" Game June 15-17, and at their other events throughout 2012. Come and discover tactical paintball that is truly as real as it gets...and try to find the RAP4 Pressure Activated Landmines before they eliminate you!

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