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Latest Paintball Industry Buzz: Game-Changing Dual-Feed Technology is Here!

Latest Paintball Industry Buzz: Game-Changing Dual-Feed Technology is Here!

RAP4 of Santa Clara, California, recently released their revolutionary new paintball gun design. A completely new concept in paintball technology, the all-new T68 SplitFire is creating international buzz among seasoned professionals and new players alike.

The T68 SplitFire Dual Feed Paintball Marker utilizes a magazine or hopper, individually or simultaneously, to provide two different colors or types of .68 caliber ammunition at the turn of a dial. By using both a hopper and a spring-powered magazine, the T68 SplitFire can carry two types of spherical ammunition at the same time. This allows the operator to select the most effective projectiles for the situation - then change back as needed, at the turn of a dial. When the situation changes, so can your ammunition. Immediately.

Scenario players and tactical training personnel alike are impressed with the quick-change feeding system. A selector wheel, located at the chamber, indexes an internal feed port that rotates to accept paintballs from either the hopper or the magazine. Use any standard paintball hopper for bulk ammunition feeding, or remove it to save weight and open up your sight picture while feeding balls from the detachable, 18-round magazine. Don�t need the magazine for this mission? Detach it to save weight, and use the hopper exclusively - with no tools necessary to switch the feeding system from one source to another...just spin the dial.

This unique feed system comes into its own when used with different projectile types stored in the hopper and magazine. As your scenario changes to "demolitions," "sniper," "recon," or other roles, so too can your paintballs - without dumping your hopper. Just spin the dial, and you can select the special color or type for your immediate need, then switch back to your bulk paint to lay your own exfiltration cover fire.

This changes the game for scenario paintball. Now players can fill more diverse and demanding roles, without buying multiple markers, dumping paint, or wasting time in resupply and reinsertion areas. With mission-specific paint in the magazine and the regular event paint in the hopper, designated role-players can mimic the effect of carrying a wide array of special tools...just by switching to the restricted color. Need to "blow" a bunker with an "RPG?" Switch to the color-coded "RPG Paint" to neutralize their position, then switch back to "infantry paint" to get out of there safely. The T68 SplitFire allows that to happen at the twist of a dial. This patent-pending technology opens up a new frontier of options.

The standard picatinny-style flat top, full-length rail atop the T68 SplitFire will accept any tactical accessory with the standard rail-attachment points. The offset hopper feed on the T68 SplitFire allows you to attach and utilize a wide range of optics, from the RAP4 Carry Handle with metallic sights, to red-dot scopes and illumination tools.

But when your mission gets truly hardcore, the T68 SplitFire lets you remove that hopper entirely to give you an unrestricted field of vision, mount oversized night-vision optics...and still feed your marker a steady diet of standard .68 caliber paint. Since the magazine is spring-fed, you get a ball in the chamber on every shot no matter what angle you hold the marker - sideways, or even upside down. Pull the trigger, it goes bang, just like you need it to.

Paintball players young and old are raving about this innovative new design, and the flexibility afforded their mission and role-playing by having two different ammunition types onboard simultaneously. Military and Law Enforcement personnel are also getting excited about the T68 Splitfire, and many agencies are already evaluating it as their newest and latest combat training tool. The same ergonomics, durability, and aesthetics that make the T68 SplitFire attractive to scenario players make these markers attractive to police and military units. Some units are even using them for tactical training with deployment-ready forces and new recruits alike.

California is home to many industry leaders, throughout the paintball world and far, far beyond. Big companies like Google, eBay, and Intel are headquartered here, and RAP4 fully utilizes the trend-setting California paintball scene for research and development. Now California is home to the most innovative paintball marker manufacturer as well.

To see what the buzz is all about, visit your RAP4 dealer today and ask for a demonstration of the T68 SplitFire. Before you go, get briefed on the SplitFire with the videos on Paintball Tree and YouTube.

Paintball Tree Link: http://www.paintballtree.com/video/T68_Splitfire_with_Dual_Feed

YouTube Link: