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Mag-Fed : Heroes Wanted

Mag-Fed : Heroes Wanted

We’re looking for a few good heroes to turn the tide of battle in our Mag-Fed Only Games (MFOG) as they unfold around the world. That duty takes courage, cunning, strength, timing, and also: Mag-Fed gear.

To compete in the hottest tactical format to sweep the planet, you’ll need a 468, a T68, an MKP, or an MK conversion kit decked out with your Tippmann internal parts. These are the most trusted paintball guns in Mag-Fed, as they combine the latest in paintball magazine technology with proven all-mechanical operation that won’t let you down—even when it rains, the dust blows, and the smoke billows.

Operators train to deploy to war zones around the world, from frozen tundra to scorching deserts. Their gear needs to survive no matter the elements…and they need to train so that they survive the elements—and the opposition—too.

More so now than ever, combat operators from the US military and friendly forces around the world turn to RAP4 and our Mag-Fed gear, like the 468, to accomplish their training needs. Those needs start with gear that is an exact reproduction in handling, aesthetics, and function, of their duty-issue arms…but designed exclusively to fire training-safe paintballs.

Then, their training demands the most realistic facilities, engagements, and interaction possible—which means opposing forces shooting back and maneuvering around them as they adapt to evolving battlefield conditions. With our Mag-Fed gear, they have unparalleled opportunities to train in the most realistic ways, on the most realistic gear…which turns their Mag-Fed training into forges where heroes are made.

Would you measure up?

With Mag-Fed games for civilians, you can find out. Most of the same gear, including the 468 and our other high-end Mag-Fed paintball guns, is available to the civilians who participate in Mag-Fed Only Games. When they take to the field, their gear makes a statement—that they are serious about competing head-to-head in a game too realistic, too intense to just be called paintball anymore.

They play Mag-Fed…and they are the heroes who drive our innovation.

Are you tough enough to join them?

RAP4—As Real as it Gets!

2014-02-06 16:54:40