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Mag-Fed Mayhem!

Mag-Fed Mayhem!

RAP4 is proud to announce a bold new Mag-Fed milsim event that will challenge your skills as an operator and reward you with 26 hours of heart-pounding adventure…produced by legendary event promoter and innovator Viper Paintball!

Event: Mag-Fed Mayhem
Date: March 1-2
Field: DFW Adventure Park
Location: Roanoke, TX
Promoter: Viper Paintball
Sponsor: RAP4

This one is worth traveling to, even if you live far away from the Fort Worth area. Why?

Because Viper Paintball is known for amazing milsim games where the missions advance creative, challenging storylines, and every success—or tactical failure—relates to the course of the conflict. Their scenarios are adaptive, exciting…and like the RAP4 Mag-Fed guns in the game, as real as it gets.

In this story, forces from Bluevania are pitted against the menacing Redislavian Army—a creative starting point from which things are going to get very, very interesting…

…and very tactically demanding.

When you play Mag-Fed, you play the most realistic milsim game possible—the realistically limited magazine capacities require the kind of real-world tactics, marksmanship, and teamwork (rather than just holding down the trigger on an unrealistic tourney gun) that decide real firefights in combat theatres around the world.

Do you have what it takes to excel at Mag-Fed Mayhem?

RAP4—As Real as it Gets!

2014-02-15 09:41:24