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Mag Fed Paintball!

Mag Fed Paintball!

At RAP4, we are Mag-Fed paintball! What we support can barely be called paintball anymore because its intensely realistic gear, battlefield-recreating facilities, and military-adapted strategies create a type of game play never seen before.

Mag-Fed is so realistic that militaries around the world turn to our gear, our armorers, and our leaders, to create the most realistic training exercises possible. Mag-Fed players have banded together to create Mag-Fed Only Games (MFOG) where only the most realistic equipment is allowed…and the challenges, obstacles, and game play is as real as it gets.

Mag-Fed paintball utilizes our amazing 468, the well established T68 Gen6, and the Tacamo MK conversion kits that utilize genuine Tippmann internal parts to create dedicated Mag-Fed milsim paintball guns. The commonality of these dynamic systems is how they use spring-fed magazines to consistently and reliably feed paintballs into your gun—exactly the way military rifles use spring-powered magazines to keep ammunition fed in their arms.

Taking that Mag-Fed concept and building the rest of the dedicated paintball gun, our engineers created nearly exact reproductions of the M4 / M16 family of battle-ready arms. Soldiers trained on the manual of arms for an M4 carbine can transition to a 468 and hardly tell the difference between it and their duty carbine. The fit and dimensions are the same, as are the ergonomics, the position and utility of the charging handle and fire selector lever, the magazine operation, the stock…the 468 even field strips like an M4.

When personnel train on our renowned Mag-Fed platforms, all of their training applies—how to aim, reload, maneuver with the arm, etc. But since our gear cannot be made to fire live ammunition, it offers unparalleled safety for everyone…and the unique properties of paintballs allows combat operators to train virtually anywhere—not just in the woods!

Increasingly, that training is conducted on reproductions of urban terrain…the same kinds of facilities that players clamber to compete on at world-class paintball facilities. With their tactical vests full of spare magazines, their radios with throat mics, and matching camouflage uniforms in the latest military patterns, it’s nearly impossible to tell our Mag-Fed players apart from military operators on maneuvers…which is the point.

Mag-Fed captures the excitement of a combat operation, without the danger of deploying into an actual warzone.

For actual war fighters, Mag-Fed captures the unique challenges of deadly force-on-force encounters with paintballs instead of bullets, creating the most useful—and intense—training opportunities available anywhere.

Catch the excitement with RAP4, and the thousands of players who make Mag-Fed the hottest sector of tactical gaming.

We are Mag-Fed paintball. Are you ready to join us?

RAP4—As Real as it Gets!

2014-03-01 20:58:38